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Balloons, Baseball, and a giant Slide

on May 20, 2012
Saturday morning found us at a friend’s house for their one year old’s birthday party.  Abby didn’t like the hat much, but liked the balloons.  (Olivia was obviously having a blast!)

 We came home for a rest and lunch before heading to our nephew’s baseball game.  Abby quickly took over a kid chair and made sure her cousin wouldn’t be upset if she sat there.

 Our baseball cousin did a great job and got two good hits and made it onto base both times.  He’s a lot like his dad, I think.

 Way to go, Colby!  It was fun to watch you!

 On the way out, we tried out the slides at an adjacent elementary school. I had no idea that such cool things still existed!  Andy was among the first to try it out (until it wouldn’t slide much because it’s not so smooth anymore…) Zoom in to see his excitement!

 The girls wanted to do a train.  I kept telling them that that’s how broken legs happen.  Luckily no broken legs happened.  I love this picture because you can see Vincent running back up the hill.

 Vincent has (as a friend told me this weekend) what is known as ENTHUSIASM!)  He for sure does.

 The girls helped Abby have a turn too before we headed home.

Andy and I went out to eat with Andy’s parents at a local fish restaurant that I won a giftcard to way back in January.  I even tried new things!

I am not much (AT ALL!) of a seafood person.  Andy isn’t either because before we met he got sick from something after eating it.

The last time I had any seafood was in high school when someone from our ward got home from a mission and made a shrimp boil (and then dumped out the veggies and shrimp onto a plastic tablecloth).  The veggies were good.  I liked those.  I tried the shrimp and just about threw up.  Ew.

The time before that that I had seafood was in fourth grade at our Native American presentation that we had a little ‘feast’ afterwards.  Someone brought smoked fish cubes.  I didn’t like it.

Now, you should probably also know that I grew up with my mom telling me how yucky fish was.  That kind of hampers the decision to like it as well.

Anyway, I decided that since I won this giftcard I’d try new things.  We ordered the bacon wrapped scallops.  Not my favorite, but not terrible, although I didn’t even finish one.  We had to have scallops after watching Hell’s Kitchen where they are always making scallops and doing it wrong.
I ordered the pecan parmesan rainbow trout with artichoke hearts.  I thought it was pretty good.
I also tried my father in law’s grilled salmon.  I didn’t like that much at all.
I had a bite of my mother in law’s fish and chips.  Not my favorite.
Andy ordered a steak.  It was delicious!
My favorite part of my meal was the steamed veggies on the side.  Zucchini with tomatoes is surprisingly good.
I also ordered a creme brulee for dessert. That was another first.  It was good!

When I got home, I took the babysitter home and then went on a nice walk with my buddy and her friend who’s visiting.  We had a great walk and burned off many calories.  Then I went to the grocery store to get milk and other essentials for our week.

2 responses to “Balloons, Baseball, and a giant Slide

  1. Mary says:

    Sorry, I spoiled all your Seafood eating fun, LOL. I fed you kids fishsticks and Tuna fish. I tried smoked salmon in HS and it tasted like chewing a cotton ball. There are just too many other things I would rather eat now.

  2. Rachel says:

    you forgot about getting winked at while at winco and how much you loved it!!

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