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on May 23, 2012

Someone asked what I do when I stay up late.  This is what I do sometimes.  Laundry.

I LOVE when it’s all done and folded and ready to put away.  I fold each load as it comes out of the dryer and layer the clothes by rooms.  Vincent’s goes in the bottom, then Abby’s, Olivia’s, and Elizabeth’s, with mine and Andy’s on top.  That way I can put three baskets of clothes away much faster.  It was a bed changing day this time and I still had two loads of towels in the washer and dryer, but then I didn’t have to do any more laundry for a bit.
As for my carpet cleaning day Wednesday, it went well.  I spot cleaned the living room a little so the stains would come up easier.  Andy picked up the carpet cleaner machine for me this morning, dropped it off, and took the girls to school.  I ate some breakfast and cleared out the rooms the rest of the way so I could get moving on this project.  I wrote it down on my calendar today because there wasn’t anything else going on and it needed (desperately!) to be done.

Here is what kept Abby busy part of the morning (until 11:30 when I laid her down for a mega nap that lasted until 3:30!)

 Andy’s sister Sara bought this Princess tea set for Elizabeth when she was tiny.  It has been used so much, but we still have all the parts (except maybe a few silverware pieces…)
Abby’s getting some big teeth back there and has a bit of a runny nose (maybe allergies or a cold too. Who knows!)

 I got this Ants in Pants game down to keep Vincent busy while I worked in the living room.

 I put up the two living room couches (ugly, I know!  Normally they have slipcovers, but they were put in the washing machine.) This spot fits the two couches nicely on the tile so I don’t have to make them leave the room.

 The family room has a nice set of french doors so I put all our big furniture from the family room out on the patio.  (When Andy got home he asked me how I moved all this furniture out there….very carefully. =)

I worked HARD from 10am-12:30 or so on the living room, hallway, and bedrooms (just the main walking areas in those that weren’t covered with other main room stuff.)  Then I had a little lunch and got back to work until 5pm in the family room for most of that time.  I kept emptying out the dirty water over and over and it was never clear, even after many, many passes of the same area, so I decided I was done at 5pm.  Here’s what it looked like then.

 Mrs. Rug Doctor was my pal all day.  I’m afraid the humming vibration noise will be in my dreams tonight…

 Andy came home at 6pm (with pizza) and did another few passes over the hallway and bedrooms and living room.

 The girls found a way to entertain themselves in their room after school.  Abby played below on the floor with bigger polly pockets. Vincent was having a rest because he was getting into books without permission on my wet floors (over and over).

 Later story reading was done in their room too since the floors were still drying.

Elizabeth took this video of Abby cleaning up the Barbies (and Ken) while I was taking a shower.
Warning: Contains Full Barbie nudity and may cause motion sickness. =)

This girl is SOOO determined to fix things.  She is really smart and will even listen if I tell her to find her bunny blanket and pacifier so she can take a nap and most of the time will even go to her bedroom door to meet me there.  SO easy.
I love this girl.
(If you notice Vincent in the background sad it’s because Elizabeth has the camera and he wants it.  You know, typical drama.)

One response to “DONE

  1. Carrie Jacks says:

    You are awesome! We really, really need to clean our carpets. I should block out a calendar day, like you did. That's a fabulous idea!

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