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Primary Talent Show

on May 26, 2012

Our ward Primary had a talent show Friday night.  They had a carnival theme with tickets for treats (that I didn’t eat!).  It was a lot of fun for the kids and we enjoyed many different talents.

Elizabeth’s “Jingle Bells” . Yes, I know it’s not Christmastime.  Our kids sing this song year-round.  The plan was for all three of them to sing together, but they wanted to sing two different songs instead.
 Olivia and Vincent singing “Twinkle Twinkle” at the talent show. Our kids are NOT shy at all. They were actually the closing act.  We didn’t know when they would call for the kids to come up, so it was a surprise.  Just about every time they’d call someone Vincent would get all upset and loudly say, “It’s NEVER going to be our turn!” and pout. Silly kid!

Abby disappeared for a minute and when I turned around, she was sitting in the back row watching people.

Here she is back up by us begging for treats. Olivia and Elizabeth shared a chair in front of us.

When we got home, we had one of our game night friends over and we played Ticket to Ride.  Elizabeth and Olivia joined us and actually played very well, despite the tears that flowed when they didn’t win.  They were decisive and didn’t ask us how they should build their trains and they caught on really quickly. It’s almost like we’ve been playing games around them their whole lives.  They are pretty good at Risk, Uno, and Rummikub too.  Guess who won?  ME!  I did feel a little bad for Olivia’s big ‘ole tears though. And then we played again without the girls and I did not win, but it is still a fun game.  Sometimes things work out and sometimes not.  You never know.
After games, I went grocery shopping alone.  It was late, but I just like to get it done without all the crowds (except at the checkstands) and without kids to distract me.

Maybe you’ve noticed, but I think I’d like to start blogging daily.  Is that too much?


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