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Memorial Day 2012

on May 29, 2012
For Memorial Day this year, we went up to Andy’s parent’s place they built to have a barbeque and plenty of fun. Of course we thought about what Memorial Day means as well, but mostly we just had a good time.
While I was walking with my buddy on Sunday night, she asked what we were doing Monday and they joined us.  I don’t even know HOW I failed to plan that out better since I see her several hours a week and we talk plenty! 
Anyway, we had a fun time playing.  Grandma Shirley gave the kids these pinwheels and it was pretty breezy up there, so they didn’t even have to work at making them spin. Abby, Olivia, and Friend M in the picture below.

 Elizabeth found some stumps to stomp on.  Makes sense, right?  I made her wear her old tennis shoes so she wouldn’t wreck the new ones.

 Apparently, it’s pretty fun to stomp on stumps.  Olivia was doing it too.  Abby just watched them and decided they were silly.

 We took Scooter on a little hike.

 A hike picture with Elizabeth, Olivia, and Friend M.  I told them to sit on the stump behind them, but they were worried about giant carpenter ants coming out.

 Olivia wanted to show off her new swinging tricks.  (Do you like her outfit?  She even wore shorts under her skirt that had it’s own set.  Her little shorts kind of match her socks which don’t match anything else.)

 Grandpa George took the kids on four wheeler rides.  They love that!

 Abby really enjoyed the fruit kabobs.

 Olivia with Friend M, Friend V, and my walking buddy.  They brought a bug catcher and caught a big black stink bug and the kids watched it while they ate.

 Vincent’s nicely balanced meal.  Fruit kabob, carrots, and doritos.

 Abby wanted to go on the swing so I put her on my lap.  She normally just goes in a baby swing.  It was nice until my hips didn’t like that squeezing that happens.

 So, I put her on by herself.  She held on very well.

 I love this picture. She’s always talking and yelling.

 Olivia came over to help her swing a little higher.  Abby fell off a few times, but always wanted to get right back up and didn’t cry.

 Andy’s Grandma Ellen with Scooter.

 Abby LOVES Scooter! (Can you tell what I did most of the time we were there?  Pictures and Abby and Pictures OF Abby…)

 Andy even took Elizabeth for her very own four wheeler ride.

Then we came home to do mounds of laundry, baths, dinner, and bed.  I guess technically Andy did dinner and bed while I went out walking and I really did the laundry after I got back.  The walking was very needed after all the good stuff we ate up there and the weather is just perfect for an evening walk.


One response to “Memorial Day 2012

  1. we had a BLAST with you too. abby looks so tiny on that swing alone. glad i took at least one good photo with that fancy camera.

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