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Dirt E

on May 31, 2012

My friend took a video and pictures of some interesting stuff that happened on Memorial Day that I missed a little.  Her husband assisted Elizabeth (obviously she’s stronger, right?) in pushing down an old rotten tree.  Check out their muscles!

They were pretty proud of themselves.  After this Elizabeth ran inside to tell everyone what they did (making sure she was faster than our friend.)

Trailer rides are fun for all.

Back in town, these same friends invited us over for dinner Wednesday night.  They live just a few blocks away (1/2 mile), so we rode and walked on over.
Vincent wanted to give up on the way there, but I told him he could leave his cool trike there on the sidewalk and hope it was still there when we got back and that nobody stole it because if they did, we’d never see it again.  That always gave him just enough umph to keep on going for a bit.  He has to peddle pretty fast on this to get it moving.  He’s ready for a bike.

After the delicious dinner, the kids played in the dirt.  Abby dug around with a spoon and sat in some dirt, but didn’t get too dirty.

Most of the kids digging around.  They have these cute little bunnies that the kids were burying.

I made some rice crispy treats with sprinkles to share.

Abby’s friend stole hers (and defiled it with her brown hands).  Abby still wanted it back.  I directed her to the platter of remaining treats.

Abby disappointed that she got the small part of the treat in the tug-of-war.

Vincent giving the bunnies a shallow grave.

Memories were made.
Water was sprayed (on my friend’s baby).
Baths were had at both houses.
My friend and I walked for a long time.
Kids were sleeping.
Scriptures were read.
Thursday’s preparations were made.

One response to “Dirt E

  1. and that is why every kid adores the Russells. I think I need to move up there, cause y'all are awesome and we had a blast.

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