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Preschool "Graduation"

on May 31, 2012
I was in charge of this preschool graduation party.  Each of us had a few things to be in charge of when everyone would stay and party, like the Halloween field trip to the fire station or the grocery store field trip or the Christmas party at the nursing home.  It’s nice that our little preschool only costs what we want to spend on our week.  All of this cost less than $12. Perfect for me. 
Juice boxes, plates, napkins (that we didn’t even open), goldfish, licorice, play dough for each boy (found it super cheap at Kohl’s after Halloween-like 20 cents each cheap), and then I tried to make some little mortar board treats with a peanut butter cup on the bottom of a fudge graham cracker with licorice as the tassel.  They tasted good, even if they didn’t work quite the way I wanted.  The PB cup was too small, so it didn’t balance well.

 How many pictures do you need of the same little girl swinging?  A lot, I say.  How could I resist taking her picture when she looks so dang cute?!

 It happened to be raining today.  Lucky us that the boys like the rain and it didn’t phase them at all.
All three of these boys still have one more year until kindergarten, so it felt silly to really have them graduate, but we did it anyway.
Vincent’s getting so grown up!

 I spotted a deer across the river from the park (on the island before the Pasco side) and hurried with two of the boys (one was at another park for a bit) to see.  Check out how well my zoom did.  Can you see the deer, the seagulls on the ground, and the seagull in flight at the top?  Cool, huh?

 This nasty old bird stole some of the goldfish crackers off the table!  Naughty bird!

 Abby was helping her friend eat some delicious bark.  Her friend didn’t even need much assistance, but Abby figured if she liked eating it, she’d help her.

 I think at this point her friend was full. =)

 Vincent is excited to be done with preschool for the summer!

 What cute little friends these boys are.  They have all learned how to settle down and listen to us much better over the course of the year.

 I made some little graduation diplomas for the boys.

 Each mom signed the diplomas. I put each of the play doughs into a bag and then made a little paper with a diploma and their name to staple on top.

 What are these two staring at you ask?

 This.  How fun!

 Vincent loved the mini zipline.

 Abby wouldn’t stand up on this walkway.  It wasn’t that steep, but it made her nervous.

And here’s a little story about nuts (and not the kind you eat):
On our way home from the park Vincent was telling me that Abby could wear sticker earrings now and that she could have real earrings when she’s a grown up (they can actually have them starting at seven, but Elizabeth doesn’t want them yet because it will hurt.)
Then he told me that he can’t have earrings because he’s a boy (true).  He told me he has nuts.  I quickly turned down the radio and asked him about that.  “I have nuts and they are in my legs” (pointing at thighs).  I asked him again and he said they are in his feet.  He said he has “an hundred nuts”.
One day he’ll figure out what “nuts” really are.  He does know that only boys have them, but he has NO idea what they really are (that’s okay with me!)

The other day he was playing cars with a friend who also has two big sisters and I was overhearing them talk about the “truck family” and the “car family”.

And that’s why you can’t believe everything you hear.
Brothers with big sisters just have a different take on life. =)
I suppose me having two big brothers gave me a little different perspective too.

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