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Life of the party?

on June 1, 2012
Or something…
Our neighbor across the street turned eleven and invited her whole fourth grade at her private school (40 kids) to her party.  Then they invited me and the kids too.  I guess her mom is a middle school teacher, so it didn’t worry her too much…
I was there to help her control the chaos. Heaven knows I have plenty of practice doing that!
Vincent got himself a pop and sat right down in the middle of the couch to watch the big fourth grade boys across the room.  He’s got to learn from someone how boys act!

 Abby wanted to share her treats with those big boys.  Well, she did until they wanted to take it anyway and then she’d hurry and eat it.

 Olivia liked the crafty foam table.

 Elizabeth was outside playing in the leaves and branches pile.  (Since they live across the street, some of this is probably our fault…)  A few boys had sticks in the front yard and were waving them around and my neighbor asked if she should make them stop. I told her sure, OR tell them that if they pick them up, they can take them straight to the green garbage (yard waste for our town).

 Vincent gave himself a really big front tooth.

 I was surprised by this picture!  I just wanted a quick shot of Elizabeth climbing on the logs.  What is he doing with that giant branch???

 Vincent’s very good at balancing.  (That house in the background sure looks nice, doesn’t it?)

 Our neighbor girl opening her gift from us. She’s SUPER polite and very animated and excited about everything.  She’s a great kid!

 They gave these Cheerios to Abby so she’d stop trying to eat dog treats in the cupboard.  She ate a bunch and then spilled even more.  Our neighbor’s sister lives with them and was encouraging Abby and liked taking her picture with her super fancy camera, so I didn’t feel too bad and the dogs like those anyway.

They acted like (and told us) they liked us coming even with all the craziness we brought with us and the classmates of our neighbor all learned my kids’ names and were nice to them (even that boy who looked like his branch was going to hurt Elizabeth).
We are now available to rent out for just the fee of some cupcakes.  Just make sure you have some that aren’t chocolate for Olivia (she’s weird and doesn’t like chocolate much.)


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