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Kid Craft Sale and missionary work

on June 3, 2012
Elizabeth and Olivia joined a friend’s kid craft sale this past Saturday.  Everyone there sold things that they made themselves.   Here are their items for sale at the beginning.  Olivia made pin cushions, foam pictures, iron beads, and jewelry.  Elizabeth made one tutu (after I bought supplies for 6), clay sculptures, hot pads, iron beads, and jewelry.

 Olivia checking out the jewelry someone else made.  She liked this one necklace from the beginning.

 One of the first sales of the day went to a grandparent of the kids at another table.  He was so nice to go around and buy something from everyone.

 The group of budding entrepreneurs. It was a fun day, despite gusts of wind now and then.  We were just glad that after it rained all night, the morning turned nice.

 Olivia earned enough money to buy her necklace.  She loves it!

 At the end of the day the girls had just a few things left each.  The got rid of those things too and bought enough things from all the other sellers that we came home with plenty of new fun things.

After we got home, Andy went to shoot guns with his dad to sight his gun in and the girls played with a few neighborhood friends.
Long story, but worth it!  You will be glad you read this:
The missionaries stopped by because they were in our area and talked with me for a few minutes and then turned to leave and Elizabeth asked if they could teach our friend (who was standing right there!)  I jumped in and said that that’s a decision for her mom, but the friend asked if they’d share a scripture with her.  She goes to a private Christian school and they shared a New Testament verse about friends (It was from Matthew, Mark, or John, but I couldn’t find it later when I looked!)  Then they discussed it a little.  I was doing dishes and sorting laundry and things around the house, but when I walked back through the living room Elizabeth and her friend were deep in conversation about baptism and primary and all kinds of church things.  They ran over and asked me if she could come to church with us and I said that she’d have to talk to her mom about that. (I just don’t want to seem pushy at all!  We will be friends with them no matter what happens here and converting them is not the reason we are being nice to them!)
They ran across the street to ask and I kept cleaning and occasionally walked past the window where I could see them talking on the front porch with her mom and aunt for close to ten minutes.  Then they ran back in all excited about her friend coming to church with us Sunday.  Elizabeth started explaining what happens at church and even got out our primary hymn book and tried to teach her friend some songs from it so they wouldn’t be brand new.  (I sent that with her to primary). Her mom and aunt came by on their way out for a little walk and I talked with them and they didn’t think I was being pushy and said they wouldn’t care even if I was! (Seriously, NICE people over there!)  They said they had a neighbor growing up who took them to church with her and they liked it too.  Her mom said that our church wasn’t for her, but that her daughter’s relationship with God is up to her and it’s an individual path.  The girls came out and thanked the moms profusely and articulately about how thankful they are that we are letting them do this and be friends (cute!) Our friend stayed for dinner and is so polite and awesome.  When her mom got back from her walk, Elizabeth and Olivia went over to her house to play with their little dogs.
I didn’t have to do hardly anything for this amazing missionary experience.  It just seemed to fall into my lap. I think that’s the best kind.  We have been praying for the missionaries (by name) and to have missionary experiences for years, but just didn’t anticipate or plan this one.
I left for a Paparazzi jewelry party a friend of mine had with my walking buddy. (Have you heard of them?  Everything is inexpensive-like $5 inexpensive.  It’s awesome.  I’m having a party soon!)
When I got home, I changed so we could walk and Andy had game night with our big girls without me while I did that.  It was such a nice walk.  I’m feeling sore, so I must be getting some results over here!
I got home again and played some Phase 10 with the boys for game night.
Sunday morning, we got ready early just in case our friend came over early to get ready with Elizabeth.  The girls went over to pick her up after they were dressed and she came over and we were all set to go.  However, in our rush out the door we forgot to pray.  We ended up saying our morning family prayer in the car at the church (morning prayers are still a recent add on-more later on that).  We were there early and sat and listened to the prelude and the girls showed our friend around the building so she’d know where things are.  A friend came by and talked with our neighbor and my girls on the bench and said that she came to church with her friend when she was little just like this. They all did well in sacrament meeting (not Abby though.  She’s only quiet in the hallway).  Elizabeth got up and bore her testimony about how special this Sunday was, but didn’t overshare or embarrass.
They went to primary and afterwards our neighbor told me that she loved it and that she had a smile on her face the whole time and that she likes our church way better than the boring one she is used to and wants to keep coming.
We got home and they wanted to have lunch together too.  They went to ask her mom and came back without her because they said she and her mom were going to go shopping for more Sunday clothes (one step at a time, right?)
I know this is a lengthy story, but I really do have just such a testimony of being the Lord’s hands and letting the experience happen and assisting it where we can.  I’m so glad she liked church and that people were so friendly with her.  She’s a really great kid.  Cannot wait to see if our bench will be so full next week too!

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  1. What a great story, and how fun for Elizabeth to experience! I hope she wants to keep coming, that's great! And your'e doing awesome too! And, I think you should have your paparazzi party while we're there in a couple weeks! Cute!

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