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How does your garden grow?

on June 6, 2012
We headed over to see one of Andy’s cousins who was in town visiting and had a little tour of Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Paul’s garden.  They were married nearly four years ago and have been gardening this plot of land ever since.  Here’s Paul showing the kids his carrot patch.  He even let them pick a few.  They were little, but the kids liked them.

 Here’s Vincent with a baby carrot.

 Grandpa Paul in his garden.  Now, you think THIS is big, don’t you?

Well, this is only a quarter of the whole thing and then they have little planters and other areas closer to the house with even more. These two really know how to garden and use the space the best they can.
Here’s Olivia with a bunch of carrots.  It’s a good thing I know they’ll eat them!

 Abby didn’t know what to think about the scarecrow in the back portion of the garden.

 They added this part on this year.  It’s behind their property line and officially owned by the railroad, but they are using it for extra garden space. (There’s even more behind me in this picture!)

 Elizabeth asking, “What’s up Doc?”

 Grandpa Paul and Grandma Ellen are so sweet together.  Paul got the ice cream cones all set for the kids and Grandma Ellen made sure they had plenty of cake.

 Olivia is all business when she eats ice cream.  She watched Grandma Shirley eat one last year (she’s a pro!) and never has drips anymore.

 Abby only sat down for a minute.  She kept trying to dig in the plants.

 Elizabeth didn’t know which treat to eat first.  She was well taken care of.

 Vincent decided his method of eating an ice cream cone was starting at the bottom.

I was outside with the kids while the other adults visited, so I didn’t chat with Andy’s cousin, but they seemed to have a nice visit.  Then I had to go meet my friends to go on a walk, so we had to leave early.

Also today, Vincent has ABC Play with Me preschool camp for a bit, so I hurried over to Kohl’s with Abby to use the $10 coupon they gave me because it’s my birthday month.  I found a new shirt and some other things and spent a little more than the coupon, but got some great deals (always!  I love Kohl’s!)
We came home from our morning activities and had lunch and then Abby and I had naps!  It was so nice.  My days have been just crammed with stuff and I haven’t had time to nap lately.  I really love napping.
I woke up when I heard the door open and shut and caught Vincent on the driveway next door riding his trike. Although he has permission from our neighbor to ride in her driveway, he did not get permission from me to leave the house, and especially not while I was sleeping!  He did have his helmet on if that’s any consolation.  Oh, brother!
Laundry was done.  Dishes were done.  Dinner was made and eaten/put away.  Then we went for the cake and ice cream and I walked.  I even RAN a little tonight.  Overall our walk/my little run was four miles (exactly when I mapped it out on Google Maps!) I finished in about 70 minutes, which is a tiny bit slower than normal, but it’s harder having three people trying to walk and talk on a sidewalk (and my regular walking buddy is out of town-yes again-and she’s the fastest out of us and pushes us to walk faster-nicely!)
I’m feeling good, but since I ate some high calorie stuff today, I’m going to bed a little hungry.
Tomorrow I get to go help with Olivia’s field trip at the park, so that will be fun.  Of course pictures will be posted about that!


3 responses to “How does your garden grow?

  1. Rachel says:

    a few things…very jealous of the grandparents awesome garden. you let me know if they need help harvesting…i need shirley to teach makinze about ice cream cones…not that i don't like teaching her but i'm not a good teacher….i have a trick that will not allow vincent to leave the house without youand i'm glad that i push you nicely…sometimes i wonder if you two are cussing me under your heavy breathing ;)

  2. Mary says:

    Paul A's garden puts our flowerbed garden to shame… Yummy stuff but a LOT of work. Have fun in the rain, since that's is all that is in the forecast.

  3. What is your tip, Rachel? Not napping? Napping in front of the door? Locking him in a room to nap as well? =)

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