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Father and Son Campout 2012

on June 10, 2012
Andy here:
This weekend (June 8-9) was our church’s Father and Son campout.  This was Vincent’s fourth such outing, he skipped the 2008 campout because he was still nursing.  Our campout was at Emigrant Springs State Park, close to Meacham, Oregon.  It’s up in the Blue Mountains, and is a really nice park.  The most notable thing setting this Father and Son apart from all others I’ve been to was the weather.  It was downright crummy.  Usually this time of year is hot, and up in the mountains feels really nice, but it was cold (it got down around 37F) and rainy.  Normally, I pick up Vincent after work, then we go to the campout.  This year, I took Vincent with me for part of the day, because I had to go down to Umatilla, and it’s on the way.  My friend, Nathan, met us in Umatilla, and we stashed his car in the warehouse for safekeeping, and then he came with us to the campout.  
We got there around 4:30.  I didn’t bring a tent.  I think it’s a waste of time to spend what feels like an hour setting up the tent for just one night.  I would have liked for us to just sleep under the stars, but I knew it would be cold, and probably rain, so Vincent and I slept in the car.
Vincent had a good time.  There were four or five guys his age, and they had a lot of fun.  We had our traditional dinner of hoagie, and chips, washed down with pop.

Vincent eating dinner (no, he doesn’t drink Pepsi)
After dinner, it was time for smores.  I don’t really like smores, so I never bring the fixings for them.  Instead, I count other people bringing extra, and Vincent mooching off of them.
Vincent eating a smore he mooched off someone
Around 8:30, it started to rain.  We weren’t really ready to go to bed, so just for kicks, we drove down the road a couple of miles to see if we could watch any trains go by, but there weren’t any.  Then we came back, made up our beds in the back of the car, and hunkered down for the night.  Vincent was a little restless, and he had to get up three times to go water a bush, annoying, but better than when he was in diapers.  Most of the kids quieted down reasonably, except for three guys who were singing all night.  Someone paid them back by collapsing their tent (rumor has it, one of their dads did it).
Quiet please, or else!
We all had breakfast together, and it was good, except for the hash browns, I made them, and they were only so-so.  Vincent’s hands were cold, and it made it hard for him to eat, so I had to force feed him a couple pancakes.
Just about camped-out
Part of the plan was that we were going to go shoot guns in the morning, but the guy who scoped out the place to shoot wasn’t there, and it was so crummy that no one wanted to do it anyway.  Vincent said he wanted to leave, so we left around 10:30.  We got home just fine.

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