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It’s only just begun.

on June 11, 2012
School ended for the school year Monday.  The girls were out early (at 12:30) and they were invited by two boys who are both in the same classes as my girls to their swim party (the boys invited both whole classes).  The swim club is right across the street from the school, so they just walked over with the mom (who I know WELL!) and had a good time.  I picked them up at the end.  It was a great start to their summer.  
They’ve been coming home with loaded backpacks for about a week and today was no exception. Here’s my new second grader Olivia.
Elizabeth will be in fourth grade next year.  That was one of my very favorite grades in all of school (with the exception of maybe my senior year.)
Yes, we do plan on seeing the new Brave movie in the theaters!

 Vincent had a second dental appointment to take care of the other side of his mouth.  He was a lot more upset about it this time and they were only able to get one of the two teeth done over there, even with two doses of the “sleepy juice” (shots to put the teeth to sleep).  The dentist gave me a pill to have him take an hour before his next appointment that will keep him calm.  Poor little guy.  Even the Yoda force from his shirt wasn’t helping him and even the little prayer we said.  He just wasn’t having it today!

We went to the library to replenish our supply and then came home to sort through the new school papers and the old ones (a little) and I got them all put away. Our across the street neighbor came over to play after Elizabeth went over to invite her to activity day this week.  (She’s going!  She didn’t come to church yesterday because she was sick for a few days at the end of the week.)
I started some laundry that needed to be done.
We had tacos for dinner and then family home evening.  I had the lesson and read this story from the June Friend. It’s titled “What Big Sisters Are For”.  It was a great story.
Olivia was in charge of activity and had everyone draw on papers for me because it’s almost my birthday.
Abby drew a little, but mostly ate the crayons.  She likes to eat them a lot.

 She chewed the whole top off.

 Elizabeth’s paper for me was nice.  She got some sun at the pool today, even though I sent sunscreen with them.

From FHE I went straight to walking with some friends.  It was nice to visit and to exercise (and miss out on the kids misbehaving at bedtime, but I get enough of them all day that I don’t really miss it.)
Tomorrow we are going on a road trip to visit our new nephew and playing with them.  Wednesday is another road trip that Andy and I get to go on without our kids.  My mom is coming with us tomorrow (and we are stopping at a few quilt stores) and then she’s staying to watch our kids Wednesday while we go to the Portland Temple (where we were married nearly 11 years ago) with the Priests and Laurels in our ward so they can do baptisms there.  It’s going to be special and fun and I’m excited to go.  They needed Andy to go (he’s a guy) and I demanded to go too because I want to.


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