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Challenge (preliminary) results

on June 16, 2012

As everyone is fully aware and sitting on the edge of their seats (I’m sure!) to find out how I did in my challenge, I thought I’d post my (preliminary) results.

I lost 12 pounds of the 25 I’d hoped to lose in the 95 day challenge I gave myself.  Although it’s not quite where I wanted to be, I’m going to celebrate that I lost 4 pounds a month and press on the rest of the year/rest of my life until I’m where I need to be to feel better and be healthier.  I think I still have a good 38 pounds to go.

I’m still counting calories and walking whenever I can and over the next few weeks, I’ll bump that up a little more with walking to swimming lessons, doing a parent-tot lesson with Abby, and still walking in the evenings.  Plus, it’s summer which means plenty of reasons to look my best and nice weather to do it in with the kids.

Without further ado, here’s a picture of me today.  Yes, you’ve seen that shirt before.  I bought it to wear today on my 30th birthday/11th anniversary.

I set the camera on the timer and that’s why I’m not smiling.  I thought I was, but I guess it missed it and I don’t feel like taking another.
I DO feel thinner and fit into clothes better and I think I need to take in the sides of a few of my shirts.
I’m loving my calves.  They are one of my favorite parts of me.  Is that silly?  Too bad.
Here’s one from December.

What’s that you say?  It’s dark and small?  That’s right.  And my hair is longer and my face is fatter.  True.  I feel much better now, but look at that cute little girl next to me!
It’s almost time for TWO BBQ’s.  I’m pretending that they are both my birthday parties.  One is a graduation party for a good friend and their annual BBQ. The other is with three of my four brothers and parents and all the kiddos.


3 responses to “Challenge (preliminary) results

  1. Sarah Ray says:

    Oh la la!! You are getting skinny!! Go you. :)

  2. Rachel says:

    i love a good comparison photo. i've not done that. you look great and i'm glad that i could be apart of it. are those my shorts?

  3. shaunie says:

    Keep going, 4 pounds a month is not bad at all!

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