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30 and a day

on June 17, 2012
Tonight after church and dinner with the missionaries, we had cake and ice cream at Andy’s parent’s house for my birthday.  It ended up just being our family and them because of other things going on, but it was still fun.
Abby helped me open a card.

 Andy got a special DAD sign for Father’s Day.

 (Elizabeth was our photographer for the night.)  Here’s a good picture of Andy.

 And a pretty decent one of me.

 We brought popsicles for whoever didn’t want chocolate cake (ie: Olivia).
Vincent enjoyed them too.

 Olivia was pretty excited about eating one, but had to wait until it was time.

 I made my wish and blew out the 30 candles.

 Olivia loved her popsicle.

 So did Elizabeth (I had the camera once she opened her sticky treat!)  Yesterday after seeing some friends she asked if we thought they knew who she was with her new haircut.  We told her yes, of course!

 Abby ate that whole thing and then some cake.  Yummy!

I planned on staying home for the night instead of walking and putting kids to bed, but we decided to walk anyway, but just a little later. We ended up going 4.8 miles in an hour and 15 minutes (and for me 5.3 in 1 1/2 hours since I live a half mile from my walking buddy.)  It felt good!  I needed to go to burn off all the cake calories (along with the father’s day cinnamon roll from church that Andy gave me since he doesn’t like cinnamon, a cupcake my mom made for him that he didn’t want and a good dinner!)
Tomorrow swimming lessons start.  We are excited!


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