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Swimming Lessons Part 1

on June 18, 2012
Swimming lessons started this morning for everyone in our family except Andy.  Elizabeth started level 3.  Olivia’s in level 1.  Vincent’s in the beginning swimmer class minnows.  And Abby and I are in the parent-tot class.

 We walked there with our good friends (my walking buddy and her two daughters) and got there with ten minutes to spare which was the perfect amount of time to get sunscreen on and everything put where it goes and to take a picture our our group (with my old camera ’cause I was not about to leave my new camera sitting around while I was in the water!)
A grandma of one of the girls in the parent-tot class was taking pictures of her granddaughter and I asked her if she’d be there again tomorrow and she took this picture for me from her phone.  I had her send it to Andy’s cell phone (since I don’t know how to get pictures off of mine and it costs minutes) and Andy emailed the picture to me.
Abby liked being in the water.  I’m glad it wasn’t super cold water. However, by the end, she was so tired and grouchy and ready for a nap.  Those letters she’s holding were to throw out in front of her so she could use her arms to ‘stroke’ and grab them in the water.  It worked for a while until she got really mad at me for taking them away to throw them out again.  She had a death grip on those things! At the wall, the letters were used to help them hang on to the wall, but she didn’t want to do that at all.

It was a fun time at the pool and the other kids had a good time in their classes and went and did whatever they were supposed to do.
Then we walked home, had lunch, and Abby and I napped.  Napping in the afternoon is so nice!
I made pizza for dinner.
We went to the library just before Andy got home to return things and get some summer reading prizes.
Family Scripture Reading.
A nice long walk for me. 90 minutes long and nearly five miles (in addition to the walk to and from the swimming pool and the ‘swimming’ with Abby that I’m not really counting as exercise).

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