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A Baby Shower

on June 22, 2012

Thursday night was a baby shower in town for Ezra (Sara’s boy-my newest nephew).  It was fun to see so many people who have been involved in the Ransom family’s life and see two of my handsome nephews and a cute niece to boot!
As always (because I like to), I took plenty of pictures and want to share just a few.
Ezra is a pretty sound sleeper and does fun things with his fingers and arms.

 What a cutie pie!

 Torrie’s baby Reagan is so cute. She smiled SO big when her mom would ask her “Whose a pretty girl?”  I think she knows!

 Three of Andy’s sisters with their babies all born within a year of each other.

 An extra smiley nephew.

We sent my brother and his family off this morning for their long drive home and then had a nice, hot day at swimming lessons.  Abby likes to kick and move her arms and is starting to like blowing bubbles, but she does not like laying on her back at all.  She’s shaped like a big V when I try.
After swimming we had a picnic at our friend’s house and then came home for baths (for everyone) and laundry (for me).  I kept asking myself, “Didn’t I just do laundry yesterday?”  Then I was folding clothes and realized that it’s mostly my clothes.  I guess I’m the culprit.  I can stop blaming the kids now.  Beds were all changed. Two friends came over to play while their mom went to the doctor (and I read a book for a bit too!).  I got our leftovers dinner ready for my family and then went to the baby shower.


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