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Cars and Cards

on June 23, 2012
Elizabeth’s Jujitsu class had a car wash Saturday morning. 
 Elizabeth was the best car stopper.  The ladies in charge asked if they could buy her a special treat because she stood out there with the sign the whole time.
This was supposed to be an awesome picture, but it turned out blurry and I didn’t notice or take another one, so I made it black and white. =(
 I had them wash our van.  This is it’s once a year car wash. 
 Check out the storm clouds!  They arrived with fury moments after my car was done.
 Those are the blue skies we enjoyed all morning.
Vincent all ready (except for a face wipe) to go to his friend’s birthday party.  Unfortunately, it was supposed to be a water filled party that I think turned into an inside play with toys party.

Olivia helped Vincent wrap his friend’s gift and wrote this card for him:

 To: Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben
From: Vincent Vincent
It’s your Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Ben!!!
I know why you are
having a water oarty.
Cus you let me play in your swimming
pool.  I hope you like balls.
Cus I’m maybe giving you a ball.
You’re my best friend and special friend.
Now unwrap my present now!!!!!!!!!!
(Picture of Vincent and Ben at the bottom.)

Here is a nice little card Olivia made for Andy for Father’s Day.

 This says, “Take me to the cokey mart.” She means quicky mart.  I love it.

 Elizabeth made this card for Andy for Father’s Day at activity day. 

 So sweet.  Wait, what’s that up on top?  A gun shooting a squirrel.  Our kids are strange.

 I sure love these kids!


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