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Sunday Favorite

on June 24, 2012
My favorite thing this Sunday before church was coming out to see this:

Two girls dressed and reading.  I love that Elizabeth has a Star Wars book and Olivia’s is a princess book.  Perfect.  Obviously, their hair wasn’t fixed at this point (well, Elizabeth’s mainly.)

Abby woke up insanely early (for us!) at 6:30, so she was ready to take a nap before church from 9-10:30.  I thought maybe that would make her yell less during sacrament meeting, but that didn’t go so well.  She’s just so loud and busy.  I keep telling myself that busy is better than lethargic, but I don’t know.  I think I’d like a kid who sat and did nothing sometimes.

It was nice to go to my meetings today and learn good things.  After church Andy and I had our Temple recommend interviews to renew our recommends.  
Home for lunch and a nice long nap.  It was great.  I was sleeping super soundly too since Andy told me that Abby was crying for a little while before I woke up to the knock at the door from someone who wants us to vote for someone.  By then it was time to hurry and make dinner (Hawaiian haystacks) so I could go on my walk.  While the rice cooked, we did our family scripture reading.  I haven’t been on my night walk for four nights, so it was tough on me.  A good tough though!
Time to relax a little before bed. I kind of love lazy Sunday evenings.

One response to “Sunday Favorite

  1. Mary says:

    Hawaiian Haystacks, huh? I haven't made those in a while. Glad the girls love to read. I liked the pictures from their Photo Shoot! Do you get copies?

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