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Aurora Blue Dress and Accessories

on June 26, 2012

Elizabeth (9) and Olivia (almost 7) wanted to make a fancy dress for their large Aurora doll using some sparkly blue fabric I (their mom) bought in the remnant section awhile ago.

Here’s how they did it.  They drew pictures of what they wanted it to look like before beginning.  Elizabeth hand stitched some lace on the slip.

 Olivia was mad at me for taking a picture of Aurora undressed. Olivia made a necklace and bracelet for her.

 Elizabeth stitching the ribbon and lace on the bodice.

 So far Aurora.  They are still going to add sleeves and some buttons in the back and hem the dress up. 

 This is the cape Olivia made for her.  They decided that the other large doll we have this size can hold the cape like a train for her.

Not finished yet: the hat and the purse that will accompany this outfit.
If you’d like to order your very own doll dress (or a dress up dress for a child), comment here with your email.  Prices will vary depending on the size of dress and the type of accessories desired.

3 responses to “Aurora Blue Dress and Accessories

  1. Mary says:

    Very Inventive playtime at your house. I used to make my own Barbie clothes. Have fun!

  2. Kori says:

    I am impressed! They have already finished more sewing projects than I have. ;) Tell them Aunt Kori says good work. Very cute.

  3. Cute~! Want to make some for Christopher and Caleb's ugly dolls? Boys clothes? I'll pay you! (the girls!)

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