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Swimming Lessons Part 2

on June 29, 2012
Our two weeks of swimming lessons are (finally) over.  Today was the last day.  We walked eight of the ten days to and from swimming lessons 1.3 miles away and it took us a half hour to get there and usually a little longer to get home since the kids’ legs were tired immediately after leaving the house.  I was wishing that their little whiny mouths were tired, but that never happened.  It was still a nice walk.  Abby behaved the best on the walks, but then again she was in the stroller.  She even fell asleep a few times.
Here Abby is playing with her swimming pal, Rie.  Rie’s mom is my walking buddy.

 Vincent kicking in the water while his classmates all went off the diving board.  He didn’t want to and they didn’t make him, so he didn’t.  Stubborn kid.  He does like the water, but not being all the way under much.  Rie’s big sister went off the small diving board about six times and even went off the high diving board once.  She is brave!

 Elizabeth was in level three this session.  She was in level two last year and didn’t quite advance, but the third level was what was going on during the parent-tot class, so I signed her up for that.  They let me know that she needs to go back to level two.  I thought it would challenge her, but she just got mad at me for putting her in too hard of a class.

I moved Olivia up a class too.  She was supposed to be in Otters (which is just above Vincent’s minnow class), but I put her in level one instead so it worked out to just be at the pool for a half hour and get every lesson done.  She did well, although she does need to do level one again.  One of my other friends had a daughter in Olivia’s class and she took some pictures of Olivia going off the diving board.  (I’ll share those when I get them in another post.)

The last two days, I’ve walked home from swimming lessons, changed clothes, eaten some lunch, and gone out to weed the garden for an hour and a half before showering and doing the rest of the afternoon activities.  I’m so tired.
Friday was no exception.  After I was done showering Abby woke up and we left to get some groceries.  Andy came home early, so I dropped off the kids at home before heading back out to get the rest of our groceries.  While I was gone, Andy made a yummy spicy teriyaki chicken and rice dinner with some veggies.
Then we had game night.
Time for bed, I think.  I’m glad there’s not much going on Saturday.  I plan on resting and reading a book and resting some more (although I do need to finish weeding the garden, go to the library, and water my friend’s garden, and make something to eat for dinner and probably some laundry and do some prep for Sunday.)  I can relax even with all that stuff, right?  Maybe? Hmm.

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