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on June 30, 2012
Saturday I set out to finish weeding the garden.  It is such a hassle.  Yes, I know garden boxes are so much better and all that, but I have a big garden space that is fenced off and don’t want to pay more to build boxes and buy a new special  mix of dirt (not yet anyway…)
Olivia came out and offered to help me.  I directed her to a section near the fence that was ALL weeds and she got an old rug to sit on.  She found it easier to dig them up.  We had some good chatting while we destroyed the weeds.

 Meanwhile, Abby swung around.  (Yes, Vincent’s still in his pajamas here.)

 The car tire ramps are just wide enough for this old Tonka truck to drive down.

Elizabeth made a new dress (that link is to their blog) that will fit her cousin’s Ariel doll.  She’s nearly finished with it and just needs to do the back.  What do you think?

 While weeding today I kept thinking about how we are like plants in the garden sometimes being surrounded by weeds that make us slow our growth.
They also support us in not growing and take over the water and sunlight that we need to grow.
If the weeds are left to continue their growth, the good plant dies. 
Look at this tomato plant even blooming despite being surrounded by weeds!

Even when the weed is pulled out of the ground, sometimes the roots of the two plants combine enough to pull the good, worthwhile one out of the good soil as well making it useless.  
Today I pulled a strong weed out and watched as two little tomato plants were separated because one was clinging to the weed instead of it’s little mate.  
Do you ever see that happen in real life?  I know I do.
 Today I set many, many plants out of the weeds to see if they can thrive without the weeds helping to hold them up.  If only I weeded more often, they might be stronger.
Do we forget to weed bad things out and wait until the Master Gardener yanks them out of our lives?
Do we continue to cling to the bad and forget to stay in the ground where we know our roots are safe?
Is this all way too deep for this blog?
I think I spent too long out in the garden today.  Three hours later (and three hours over the past few days) and I still have about another hour to do on Monday.  It rained during the last hour I was out there and as I came back in, Olivia told me, “Mommy, you look yucky.”  It was great to hear.  I’m sure I did look bad though, since my arms were all muddy and I am sure I had some dirt on my face too.


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