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Trip to Church

on July 1, 2012
Sunday morning we got up bright and early (at 5 am) to get ready for church.  We left our house at 6 am to get to Cheney for Sara and David’s 9 am church (with a stop at their house to put things in the fridge.)
Olivia got the girl’s dresses all ready on Saturday including shoes for her and Elizabeth and deodorant.

We got there in plenty of time to get to church on time.  We actually passed Andy’s parents on the way there, but had to have a potty break for the kids and they ended up pulling in to Sara’s driveway just ahead of us and David’s dad.  It was perfect.
David did a great job with Ezra’s baby blessing.  Abby was in the row with us the whole time, which is an improvement, although that doesn’t mean she behaved the whole time…  Sara’s quiet books were a hit.
I sent Abby to nursery after sacrament meeting even though she’s not quite 18 months yet.  I stayed there for a little bit and she was doing great, so I went to Sunday School and Sara was in nursery trying to calm a sad Daphne and ended up taking her home anyway.  Andy went to help David in the primary because they were short staffed with the holiday (and I assume because they are between semesters at the school too.)  At the beginning of Relief Society, someone came in and said they needed more help in the nursery, so I went in there since Abby was in there anyway.  It was strange to me that they thought they were short-staffed there because they only had 11 kids and four or five helpers (including me).  It seemed pretty well staffed to me, but I am used to nursery too… Abby was really good in nursery.  Just a few more weeks until she’s official and we can cut her loose!

 The Mason family after church.

 Sara made taco soup for lunch.  Abby doesn’t need a spoon to eat hers.

 Sami had her taco soup without the taco soup part. Chips and cheese is yummy too!

 Sami liked the new Ariel doll dress Elizabeth made for her.

 Vincent enjoyed watching the trains pass from the porch.

 Olivia with Andy’s dad having a chat.  Olivia now thinks she needs this Mireda (Brave) Barbie that Sami has.  We are also talking about having her ears pierced when she turns seven next month.

 I took some pictures of this cute little Ezra boy.  He was yawning here.

 Sara made this cute little tie for him.

 This one is my favorite.  He’s so alert and calm.  What a great baby!

We visited for awhile and then headed home.  Everyone but Andy had naps on the way home.  We were tired!  We had some tatertots and leftovers for dinner and now it’s nearly bedtime because of our early wake up call.  I’m going on a walk first though!


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