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Land that I love…

on July 5, 2012
Enjoy a major picture overload.  I had a great time playing with my camera.  There are 39 pictures in this post, and that’s less than 10 percent of the pictures I took today.  Be glad I edit. =)
This morning was a ward event that I seriously look forward to ALL year.  It’s the Fourth of July Ward Breakfast.  I love breakfast and it’s even better when I don’t have to make anything!
We got up early and dressed festively (with a spare festive outfit for the two littles).
Vincent didn’t like even the white seeds in his watermelon so he meticulously picked each one out.

 Olivia liked her breakfast and then hurried to play on the grass with friends.

 Abby was all excited about this whole plate of food just for her.

After we finished up breakfast and let the kids play for a bit, we drove up to Andy’s parent’s place an hour and a half away to play for the rest of the day (or relax or whatever we wanted to do.)
I played with my camera and found some uses for new settings.  I zoomed in on this ant (while I sat on the porch relaxing).

I found a setting for continuous pictures and I’m going to use that on the kids all the time now! It’s great!
I took a set of pictures (from the porch up high) of Vincent swinging and kept taking them until he looked. 

 Yes, I took a LOT of pictures today (415), but I ended up with 133 after weeding out the not as good ones. 
Here is the normal view of Mount Hood from the porch.  What?  You can’t see it?  Right there between the second and third trees.  Here I’ll help you out.

 Can you see it now?  It’s better, right?  Check this next one out.

Look a mountain!  Want to see it still closer?  Me too!

 Amazing!  I am so in love with my new camera!

I didn’t edit any of these pictures.  I stood in the same place and took all of them.  Cool, huh?

I was so confident in my camera’s ability that I thought it’d be fun to get a picture of my four kids in their red, white, and blue-ish outfits. Ha!  
Here’s the ONE picture that Abby smiled in even with the continuous picture taking function.  Obviously, it was not the best of anyone else. 

 Abby was NOT cooperating at all.  Kicking shoes off, flopping around, yelling, and just totally misbehaving! (Good luck to a friend of mine who’s going to attempt a group picture of them on Saturday….)

 This one is about the best one.  Notice Elizabeth has a good hold on her and Vincent and Olivia are holding both of her other hands?

 Vincent and Olivia went over to the tepee and pretended they were Indians complete with the hand over the mouth to yell.

 We went on a little hike with grandma and grandpa.

 I used my plant zoom setting.  What do you think?

 I even handed my camera over so I’d be in a picture.  This is on another hike after lunch.

 Olivia and Vincent teamed up to kick a stump.

 Vincent was watching out for me with his binoculars.

 Abby wanted to walk by herself and then got mad at me for not holding her hand.  You know, typical 1-2 year old behavior.  Completely irrational…

 I thought Abby would enjoy a piggyback ride from Elizabeth, but she pretty much tried to fling herself off Elizabeth’s back the whole time.  She was so tired!

 A little more continuous pictures of the swings.  The kids love those!

 I got Abby’s favorite things out of the car on the way back from the hike. (She is now pacifier free.  We left it at a friend’s house Tuesday afternoon and Abby napped and even slept at night without it.  Not going back!)

 Abby had a turn on the slide.  Check out these pictures.  (There were some in between, but these ones are the best.)

 I love this one.  Total fear?

 And right onto her bottom at the bottom of the slide.  The time before this she was still laying down at the bottom, so sitting up was an improvement.

 Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George watching the kids play.  Abby wanted to sit right next to Grandpa.

 Grandpa showed the kids how to use bb guns.  Olivia had three hits! She was pretty good at it.

 Elizabeth’s turn.  I like how Olivia was practicing in the back.

 Vincent needed some two handed guidance.  Olivia was right there waiting for her next turn.  She was over there for ten or fifteen minutes.

 This pinwheel certainly earned its keep!  It was Abby’s favorite toy.

 She also liked these long little seeds that fell from the trees all over.  She kept pulling the seeds off.  It kept her busy.

 This is Vincent’s barbell.  He was pretending to be a muscle man.

 We came back home, put away everything, the kids all had baths, I started laundry, and then walked over to a friend’s house a half mile away to turn on her garden sprinkler.  Twenty minutes later I went back again with Abby in the stroller to move the sprinkler. Twenty more minutes later I walked over with Olivia.  The water ran for a half hour at a time.  I walked three miles.  All was well.

Andy put Abby to bed while I was on my last mile and then read to the kids.  I made some poppycock popcorn and switched the laundry before heading out to watch fireworks. I really don’t understand why people were lighting them off all day instead of just waiting until it was dark…
I tried out the firework setting on my camera.  Yes, it has a real firework setting.

 Andy and the girls ooohing and awwing.  Vincent was inside cleaning up his toys before coming outside.

 I tried to get a picture of the moon, but I moved too much.

 Vincent came out to enjoy the popcorn too.  I love that stuff!

 Way better pictures of fireworks!  We paid nothing to see these since we just enjoyed them from our front yard.  A neighbor even came over to hang out with us for a bit.

 I love fireworks!


We are so blessed to live in The United States of America.  Despite all the political stuff, we are truly lucky to have so many options, freedoms, and abilities here.

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