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Puppets and FHE

on July 10, 2012
Monday was a perfect day to hang out at home in pajamas.  The calendar square was completely empty (which does NOT happen around here very often!)  Elizabeth and Olivia are grounded from everything but reading this week due to an unfortunate treatment of Vincent’s Buzz Lightyear. (Water + Buzz = no good.  Andy did manage to fix him though).
I didn’t think of their stuffed animals they were playing with as toys and after the girls spent the morning reading, they built forts in their room using their bunkbed and blankets.  Elizabeth had an old yo-yo string to use to hoist the stuffed animals up.
They even divided up Olivia’s bed into a two room fort.  Olivia is smaller, so her section is smaller.  She was busy reading on her side. 

 Vincent was sent to his room for a portion of the day because he refused to clean up his blocks after being asked repeatedly.  It was kind of a frustrating day.  He’s eating an apple there, which was also his lunch because he wasn’t done in time and had to take a nap.

 Abby likes piggy back rides now.

 Here is Elizabeth being the puppeteer. (No, I didn’t fix her hair yesterday…)

The start of Elizabeth’s show.  It took too long in between and by the time she got the next one up, I was busy with Abby in the other room (or doing laundry, vacuuming, reading, or mopping).  Sorry E.

Abby loves “Book of Mormon Stories”!  She’s all ready to go to nursery officially in a few more weeks (although she has been before).  Wouldn’t you say she’s ready?

I went on a walk with a buddy and had great intentions of walking extra fast and going extra far.  However, some very dark clouds and lightning started that made us hurry even faster and cut our walk a little shorter.  We didn’t get rained on (or struck by lightning obviously!) but we had to jog during a portion which really wiped me out.  I went to sleep before midnight (and that’s how you KNOW I was tired. =)

Tuesday was spent making some food, cleaning meals up, playing with some friends, organizing all the kid puzzles and putting them into ziplock bags instead of the flimsy boxes that spill all over, and a visit to the library, more reading and taking a meal to a friend who’s moving (one of four moving this month from our ward!)


One response to “Puppets and FHE

  1. Mary says:

    No fun to have so many move from the WARD at once. It's much more fun to welcome people than to tell them good-bye. Cute video of the FHE. Glad you weren't struck by lightening!

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