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McClellan Reunion Day 3

on July 15, 2012
Saturday for the reunion we went up to George and Shirley’s place at the mountain.  Because Andy and I were in charge, we assigned a day to each of Shirley’s siblings for food.  Then they didn’t have to worry about it any of the rest of the days.  We also decided this year that the money we make with the family auction will be used to buy the food.  That makes it much less of a burden on everyone.  
After we got back from the wading pool Friday, I thought maybe it’d be fun for Elizabeth and Olivia to go up to the mountain with George and Shirley that night since they were going up already.  We called and they came and picked them up on their way out.  The girls loved the special grandparent time and told Andy several stories on the way home that were shared with them.  They slept well too!
The girls wanted to play Risk with Andy when we got up there (and drink pop).

 Vincent’s getting really good at climbing on the playground.

 Everyone had plenty of downtime to visit, which was my goal.

 Andy’s Grandma Ellen was smiling the whole time.  She’s just so sweet!

 George took the big kids on a four-wheeler ride through the forest.

 My pictures close up were all blurry!  Shoot!

 Abby enjoyed the brand new swing and definitely broke it in!  Everytime someone walked past her, they’d give her a little push.  She was happy there three different parts of the day for a long time.

 Mount Hood was cloudy since it rained Saturday morning.  Nothing like the Fourth of July when I got such a great shot of it.  The rain is nice to keep the dust down and the hot air away for a bit.

 Little Reagan and her mom came up for the festivities.

 Shirley’s brother’s birthday was Saturday and we had cupcakes and sang to him.  He didn’t bother with blowing the candles out.  He just waved his arm and did it that way.  Clever.

 More four-wheeler rides were given (Abby didn’t stay there.  She wanted off.)

 Grandpa Paul was so sweet with Andy’s cousin’s little girl.  She came over and wanted to give him kisses and he bent waaaaaay down to receive it.  She was his little buddy from then on.

 Uncle Richard was Olivia’s buddy.  She was collecting trash here and marching it over to the garbage.

 She was teaching little Londyn how to throw things away too.

 The girls shot the bb guns some more.  They aimed at pop cans.  Elizabeth said at lunch that she’d already had six pops that morning so they’d have enough to shoot at.

 Shirley made some little reunion journals for the kids and they also made some cute bracelets.

 I brought up supplies to make some snack necklaces.  They are always a hit with the kids and then they could eat them when we went on a little hike.

 Vincent had some special one-on-one grandpa time on the four wheeler.

 The six big cousins who were at the mountain today.  They all played so nicely.

The plan was to come back to town in time for playing games at our house, but everyone was tired out from all the fun, so we moved that to Sunday evening instead so we have more energy and time.
We picked up a pizza on the way home, gave kids bathes, and put them to bed.  I started laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and made a flyer.  Andy vacuumed the house.  Now we’re ready for Sunday and church with Grandma Ellen and then our ward right after.  
Families are so important and I love all of our family!

One response to “McClellan Reunion Day 3

  1. Mary says:

    Looks like Abigail picking up the Trash. Looks like a great Family Reunion! all the important parts were there…

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