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McClellan Reunion Day 4

on July 16, 2012

Sunday was the final day of the reunion.  Some of us went to church with Grandma Ellen.  Others had other obligations to their own wards.  We did both.  Sacrament with Grandma Ellen and then our whole three hours of church.  It was great to go to church and worship with Grandma.  

Abby was out in the hall for most of our sacrament meeting, but enjoyed the nursery afterwards (one more Sunday until she’s official!)  
After church, we ate a quick lunch and rested and relaxed.  At least I did.  Andy usually turns on Looney Tunes and then tries to rest while the kids are playing and interrupting his nap.  I get in my bed and shut the door and get a real nap.
The final thing planned for our reunion was a game night at our house.  We were going to do it a different night, but it was too much those nights.  We do love games over here!
We warmed up with a round of Uno when Andy’s cousin Sammi arrived.  

 Andy’s Uncle David and cousin-in-law Julie came with her four kids.  In this picture little Elizabeth is on Uncle David’s lap and just pushed Olivia’s Mastermind pattern down so she could see it.  Uncle David looked away at just the right time.

 We played some Trek to Zion.  It’s getting a lot of use at our house!  While we played the kids all played and watched some Tangled.  Uncle David even purchased his own copy of Trek to Zion while we played so he can play it with his sons when he gets back home. We played Ticket to Ride right after.

 Most of the kids watching the movie.  They had some popcorn after this.  Our kids finally went to bed about 10:30 or so.

Before church we had to wake all of our kids up to get ready.  Andy had to take a picture of Abby sleeping.
So glad we were able to have a reunion.  We’re excited to go to Ohio in two years for the next one!

One response to “McClellan Reunion Day 4

  1. Mary says:

    That was a nice Stay-cation reunion, you only traveled up to the mountain and that wasn't too far away from home. Glad you are getting lots of use from the game I won. Popcorn on Sunday Night a great 'tradition'.

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