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Book Worm

on July 19, 2012
I’ve been reading a bunch lately and enjoying a few good books.
I was excited to see that my library had “The Vow” by Kim and Krickett Carpenter which inspired the recent movie.  
I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially their faith and determination to stand by each other. I had the movie on hold at my library (yes, I love my library!) and watched it the day after I finished the book. I was disappointed.  Although it was a cute little story and all that, they didn’t do anything with the faith part, the actual keeping of the VOWS part (since they divorced in the movie which they never did in real life!)  Also, their family support was completely absent in the movie and actually changed so that her parents didn’t even KNOW she was married until the accident.  In real life the parents were amazing and a fantastic support to Kim (the husband), so to see it portrayed with his “friends” as the only people he fell back on was terrible, I thought.  Also, although many people think the actor in this film is cute, I do not.  Skip the movie. READ THE BOOK! 

“These is my Words” is the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine who lived in the Arizona Territories when it was first being settled.  I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this book. I had just heard that many people liked it and so I wanted to read it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way she lived, the way she learned, and the way she loved.  There are some major dramatic stories in here, so I would recommend this book to adults, but they are all tastefully written and true! What an amazing life she led! This is a MUST read.  (And boy am I glad I have so many conveniences in my life!)

Have you read anything great lately?

One response to “Book Worm

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for saving me the MOVIE Money!It's always good to be thankful we aren't back in the Pioneer days and gratful for the Heritage we have. That's WHY I am a proud DAUGHTER of Utah Pioneer Member.

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