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Cars and Pioneers

on July 21, 2012
Elizabeth had another Saturday morning of washing cars with the kids from her Jujitsu class.  There are a few more her age.  They must have been lazy or something.  Someone told us later today that she’s a great car washer.  She must have worked really hard.
Andy mowed the lawn and did some other projects around the house and then picked Elizabeth up.
After she got home, we had a nice (although not quiet!) afternoon before heading to our Stake Pioneer Day celebration at a park for dinner.  
I decided I wanted a picture of my kids in their pioneer-ish outfits.
This is how most of them turned out:

 I love the pet setting on my camera that takes continuous pictures.  I just sit there and take pictures until they all look.  Almost there with this picture.  Three out of four isn’t bad.

 Finally, I can see all four sets of eyes and everyone looks mostly pleasant.  It only took them three minutes to just sit still and look at me…

 Vincent in his cowboy hat and bandanna.  He liked it.  He really liked his fried chicken for dinner and cleaned the piece he had clear to the bone!

 I wore my Great Grandma Crowther’s apron to show my pioneer spirit.  She’s my Grandpa Gordon’s mom and my aunt gave me this apron several years ago and said that she (GGCrowther) liked these half aprons best and would iron and starch them before wearing.  I guess I could have pulled out the iron…

After our early pioneer day celebration (July 24th is the real day that the first pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake valley), we stopped at home quickly before going to a wedding reception for a girl who grew up in Cottonwood Ward.  She has since graduated from college and served a mission.  It was nice.
It was time for Abby to go to bed before too long, so we came home.  Andy watched Cops and I read to the girls for a bit and then came to do this while Andy reads to them.  I like overhearing “The Hobbit” since I read it a few years ago and know what happens.  We are excited for the movie to come out this year!


One response to “Cars and Pioneers

  1. Sara says:

    that sounds like a lot more fun than our ward… they do a stake thing and it's just crazy and so we just don't go.. your ward does a lot of fun stuff I am jealous, maybe someday we will live in a ward that does fun stuff!

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