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Play-Dance-Play more

on July 21, 2012

We dropped Olivia off at her little dance camp this morning that she’s doing with some teenage girls in our ward and then headed to the park.  I stayed in the van and got my coupons and grocery list ready and Elizabeth, Vincent, and Abby played.  Elizabeth wanted the camera and took some pictures and video for me. (Turn your sound down and take a motion sickness pill if you have one.)

My favorite line is when Elizabeth tells Vincent to push Abby down the slide.
Abby yelling at Vincent on the slide.

 Cute little Abby…

 After we picked Olivia up, we went to Staples to pick up some cheap school supplies, then Payless because Elizabeth and I needed new Sunday shoes, Costco to pick up three things, and finally Walmart to finish our grocery shopping.  It was a long time, but we got it done and no one was crying (not even me!)

We pulled into our driveway just as a little thunderstorm hit.  Elizabeth hurried and helped me with groceries while Olivia kept Abby inside.
We rested for the afternoon (ie: Abby and I napped and the other three did who knows what in the family room.)

Olivia’s Dance Camp had a recital Friday evening.
Here is a short clip of their dance.

She had a good time learning this and was right in the middle of the stage.  Plus it’s the summer job of two of our favorite babysitters and it doesn’t cost us much. =)

Abby with her little baby.  She sure wasn’t being very nice to the little baby!

 Olivia in her little jazz dance outfit.

Right after the recital was a Mother-Daughter night at the other church building with our ward.  It was a pajama party with pizza and skits.  They even had a little catwalk and super cute models.
Elizabeth acted all shy to show her Mario pajamas.  She was all proud to be the only one in boy pajamas.

 Olivia and Abby walked together because they both had nightgowns.  The nightgowns came with matching doll dresses.

 Our group for the skit.  It was random and fun.

 A foam cup kept Abby pretty busy during the other skits.  She loves little dogs, so she adored her nightgown.

 I had a friend take pictures of me and my girls.

 We are yawning in this one.

Andy and Vincent had their own little father-son time and went out for pizza.
When we got home it was time for game night with two friends.  We played Probe.  I hadn’t played it since I was little.  It’s a great word game (and apparently worth a lot! That link says the “vintage game” is worth $46!)
What a fun day!  Tomorrow will be a lot of fun too, just wait and see!


One response to “Play-Dance-Play more

  1. Mary says:

    I still have my PROBE game. Kinda like wheel of fortune. Have a FUN Saturday.

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