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Summer Fun

on July 25, 2012
Tuesday we drove over to Walla Walla to see my parents (who live there) and my sister and her two boys who are here visiting from Colorado.  
We visited, played, had some yummy lunch (thanks, mom!), and then walked to a cool park.
It was warm.  My dad left before my sister and I with four of the six kids (including Abby who walked the whole half mile except across the busy roads!) Vincent had to find his shoes and use the bathroom, so he was taking too long.  My mom waited for him.

 I don’t normally like black and white pictures, but this one seemed to fit.  I love my dad!

 Abby loves to swing HIGH!

At this point, my batteries died in my camera.  Janessa’s grandma-in-law was on her way over and picked some up for me.  Very nice!
Compare Abby’s faces in the next two pictures.

 “What’d you say???”

 My sister Janessa with her boys Jackson and Jacob.  After I took their picture I spun them until she begged me to stop (about ten seconds).

 Vincent having a shoulder ride (one of many.)

 Abby always finds her way back to the swings.  Look at those teeth!

 Who needs to ride in the stroller when you can push it instead?  She didn’t ride in this at all.

 My four kids looking at the birds in the aviary.  I like that Abby’s looking up at Elizabeth to figure out what she should do here.

 The whole crew (minus me and Abby) looking at the peacock with his tail feathers out.

 Beautiful colors!

 Walking back to Grandma Mary’s for some Jello Jigglers.  These boys are five months apart and are in the group of grandkids where each of my siblings and I had kids within 18 months (mostly boys).

 The kids enjoyed the sprinkler my dad made.

 Well, Abby didn’t really like it that much.  This is about as close as she got.  Just right where the water is barely hitting her.

We visited awhile longer and then cleaned up all the toys the kids got out before heading home.  I had to hurry and make dinner while Andy worked on his brakes in the car.
Elizabeth was invited to mutual tonight with the activity day girls.  They made water balloon flip flops.  She said it was the best activity day ever.

 They happened to need a few extra parents, so I volunteered knowing I could take plenty of pictures.  =)
I forced them to all be in a group picture at the end.  The girls loved being with the MiaMaids.

 They all liked different things.  Elizabeth’s is the one with green and purple.  She got distracted blowing the balloons up and quit early…

The kids all had bathes, beds were changed, laundry was done, books were read, kids put to bed, dishwasher was cleaned (disgusting!), the new Sherlock Holmes was finished, and of course I went through my pictures and wrote a blog.


One response to “Summer Fun

  1. Mary says:

    I was just too tired after the whole day with 11 grandchildren to BLOG. Thanks for showing my "it's way too HOT picture". I had fun trying to get Vincent to catch up with the rest of you guys. Running to the shade for a rest- worked. Thanks for coming over. Cute flip flops- Elizabeth. I think a lime green pair got left at G-mas…

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