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Wet Hot Related

on July 26, 2012
We had a good time playing with some cousins this afternoon.  One of my brothers has a great yard for the kids to run and play and even jump and swim and they invited us over.  My brothers were both working, so it was just me and my sister and our two sisters in law (who live here) with the 13 cousins.
These kids really do play hard!  They all wipe themselves out and hopefully everyone went to bed as easily as my kids did.

 Vincent found a rubber snake to play with.

I cut up a watermelon and took it over there to share.  It was devoured in mere minutes.  When we started packing up to go home and eat dinner, three of my four kids told me that they didn’t eat any of it.  I don’t know why they decided not to notice everyone congregating in one spot eating, but they complained.  Too bad, I say!
We came home for a quick dinner of a variety of soups we had in the cupboard and some tasty juice I bought with coupons and then Elizabeth headed to Jujitsu and the littles had bathes and nails clipped and painted (not Vincent!)
They all went right to sleep.  I love when they are all tired.  That’s what summer’s all about!


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