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Utah Day Two

on August 5, 2012
We went to church this morning with Cindy’s family.  It was nice.  Abby went to nursery with her cousin Jane, Vincent went to Sunbeams (he fits in anywhere since he’s not shy at all), Olivia went to Max’s class, and Elizabeth went with Jack.  I was able to go to Young Women’s with Cindy and Kate and Brooke.  It was great.  I haven’t been to Young Women’s since Elizabeth was a baby.
After church, it was naptime and also time for the kids to change into some play clothes and use their imaginations outside without water.
Cindy made delicious enchiladas for dinner.  Vincent kept saying he didn’t like them before he even tried them (normal for him) and then once he tried them, he ate them all up.  Elizabeth told Cindy they were awesome.  I agree.
Elizabeth helped Max with a computer game.  He couldn’t read some of the things that came up, so she did that part.

 Kate painted all the girl’s fingernails.  Check out Olivia’s pretty flowers.  (I should have gotten my camera out earlier when she had her little nail salon open…)

 Little Jane was in the bathroom and Abby pulled the stool over to the door and was trying to unlock it with a plastic key.

We keep calling Jane “Baby Jane”.  She doesn’t like it.  It’s a bad habit.  We’ll have to stop.
We watched some more Olympics.  Such amazing athletes!

Cleaned up some of the mess in the playroom and put the kids to bed.  
Tomorrow will bring a busy day at Temple Square and seeing some friends and family (not near everyone we know here, but we would have to be here much longer for that!)

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