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Road Trip Number Two

on August 7, 2012

Today we drove from Utah to Colorado Springs.  It was another long day with close to 600 miles driven.  It took us 11 hours with all of our stops for food and gas and other breaks. Not too terrible for traveling with four kids. We left at 8:30am.
Between Utah and Colorado it looked like this most of the way:

 Very exciting.  It sounded like nails on the chalkboard with Abby’s crying until she finally fell asleep a few hours in for a tiny bit.  Then she was happy for an hour before she started freaking out again and randomly shrieking   Not pleasant.  The sleeping part sure was nice though!

 This is near No Name rest area in Colorado.  The mountains are so beautiful!

 I especially liked the series of red rock mountains (and sleeping once in awhile.)

The other kids did a pretty great job, especially with our earning quarters for good behavior system every 15 minutes.  Such a great way for them to learn to behave.

 We finally arrived at my sister’s house in Colorado Springs at 7:30pm.  The kids played with cousins after dinner.  Vincent had a bed all set up in his cousin’s room. Jackson was nice to share his pajamas after the kids had baths.  Ours were all in the laundry.

 Little Jacob and Abby kept busy playing.  Abby had so much energy to get out.

 Jacob tried to tuck Vincent in early.  That didn’t take if you are wondering.

Vincent kept getting out and trying to play.  He’s not very good at going to bed…
It was so nice to visit with my sister and her husband after the little kids all went to bed finally.  Elizabeth and Olivia were still up with us since we were sitting on the couches they are sleeping on.
Tomorrow we get to see some fun things in Colorado and we are so excited!  I haven’t been here before and neither has Andy.

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