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Colorado Day Two

on August 9, 2012

This morning started with a trip to Waffle House for breakfast (after driving around town to find a different less convenient one because the closest one is not as nice, apparently.)  Jes finished his 24 hour shift as a paramedic at 7:30 and he came with us just after 8am.  Jes had a pretty exciting 24 hours in which he was the main ambulance to accompany President Obama’s caravan in Colorado.  He stayed in the hotel right next to him and watched Air Force One land and take off a few times.  Pretty cool (no matter how you lean politically!)  Jes had to be cleared by the FBI and Secret Service and have interviews leading up to it.
 We always stop at Waffle House when there is one that’s close since we don’t have one where we live and it’s one of Andy’s favorite places.
Olivia and Vincent at Waffle House. 
Olivia ordered a regular waffle with bacon and then ate some butter too.  She shared her waffle with Vincent and Abby.
After a nice breakfast, Andy and I stopped for gas and batteries while Janessa dropped Jes at home to sleep before his shift at 3pm at the hospital working in the ER. He’s one busy guy!
We went to the Air Force Academy to see cool airplanes and things.
Jackson and Vincent are good little buddies, although I think Jackson might learn some naughty habits from Vincent.  Sorry! (Janessa’s texting while driving the stroller.)
This wasn’t set up super well for kids, but we had a nice time looking around. We walked down the hill to see the Air Force Chapel.  It was beautiful!  The inside has two stories with different denominations for each level.  There are stained glass windows throughout.
From the top of the stairs, the boys could look at a few airplanes on display by where the cadets go to college.

 Inside the Chapel.  The kids sat right down and started reading hymnals.

You can see the terrible fire that devastated the mountains of Colorado Springs.  It’s so sad to see so many burned trees.

 One of the planes with WA on it.  I don’t know if that means that it carried officers from Washington State or if it was made there or if WA is a coincidence…

We stopped again to see a HUGE B-52 on display on our way out.  Olivia was using my old camera, so I have plenty of pictures of this plane close up.  I still took some of my own.

 It was too hard to get this plane all in the camera shot, so I had to take another as we drove out.  See that yellow rectangle on the side of the plane, just in front of where the wing joins on?  That rectangle is made out of tiny bomb symbols that represent each bombing mission this plane made.  Also, there’s a MiG symbol painted on because this plane once shot down an enemy fighter with its tail-guns, the plaque said only one other B-52 ever did that.

 We went to the United States Olympic Training Center next.  This is the place that all of the Olympians train to get ready for the Olympics.  Very timely!
Olivia tried out a barbell.

 It was really PVC and light foam or something.  Elizabeth is SO strong!

 Andy can lift it one handed!

 Vincent and Elizabeth climbing on the bobsled that was out.

 The Olympic flame burns in the torch only during the Olympics.  It was almost too bright to see it on such a sunny day.

 Most of the kids in a bobsled outside.

 My kids are champions!

 Janessa’s kids are champions too.  Abby was in the stroller hanging out, she’s a champion of making it hard to put her back in the stroller.

 Elizabeth and Olivia went up to see if they were tall enough to poke their heads through the symbol.

 Olivia decided that only the person in the gold spot should gloat and the other two should pout.

 Our family in front of the rings.  (Can you believe we all looked at the camera at the same time and only took one shot?)

 After driving around for awhile looking for a cool park Andy read about and not finding it (turns out it’s not where we expected and down some dirt road), we went home, but not before about an hour of annoying stop lights and drivers and a bicyclist pulling out in front of us turning from the wrong lane and not using the real road rules.  (We were turning right and he turned from the lane we were in left instead of waiting in the turning lane by all the cars for a green light.  We nearly hit him. Scary!)
It was time for us to get back to Janessa’s house because it was time (after only four hours) for Jes to get to his second job.  We stayed away so he could rest as long as possible.
We ate some lunch and rested too.
After riding in the car a large portion of the day with the sun shining on me, I needed a rest.  I took a nap right in the living room for almost an hour, even with the kids around.
We made chicken enchiladas Wednesday night so they’d be easy to throw in the oven when we were ready. We didn’t want to be cooking in the main heat of the day (especially without air conditioning in Janessa’s house.)  It worked out perfectly.
The kids played outside after dinner and it cooled down and even rained!
The boys (who matched on purpose today) pulled the girls around.

 The girls had a turn pulling too.

 I was telling Janessa that I hadn’t seen the deer that she’s always posting on facebook from her neighborhood and then went inside for a minute.  Of course as soon as I went inside, the deer and her fawn came out.  I walked two doors down to Janessa’s neighbor’s house to take this picture of the baby.

 Janessa posted a picture of Jackson riding this pony and I decided that was something we had to do when we visited.  Not so cool, you say?  Is it cool that it was only a penny per ride?  I think so.  15 minutes of fun for 6 cents.  Abby loved it and went twice.  Vincent didn’t finish his dinner, so he didn’t get to go.

 Olivia liked it too.

 Elizabeth even had a turn, although she’s really getting too big for this sort of thing.

 We went back to Janessa’s house and then I rode with her to take Jes his dinner and some mega drinks to help him stay awake at work.
Then we made the kids clean up, Elizabeth and Olivia had a shower, and Janessa cut Vincent’s scraggly hair for me.

This cute girl played with plenty of her cousin’s toys.
Here is a picture Janessa took the other day of Jackson and Vincent eating their lunch Wednesday on the jean quilt I made for Janessa’s birthday.

We have enjoyed Colorado enough, I guess.  Time to move on to Wyoming!  The third of our four driving days is Friday!


One response to “Colorado Day Two

  1. Mary says:

    I want to go see the Olympics Training Center too. But most especially I want to visit the Quilt shops, did you see any??? Glad you had a good time. August is half over and you made the most of it. Back to School just around the corner.

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