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Three Birthdays Saturday

on August 25, 2012

 This morning started with a party for my cousin’s 30th birthday and her husband’s college graduation at a park close by.

I took the kids and Andy met the missionaries for his weekly meeting and then went grocery shopping for me again.
They all really like volleyball in their family, so of course they played some of that.
My cousin’s oldest daughter watched her parents play.

 My aunt and uncle fawned over another new granddaughter.


 My cousin Shannon with her new baby girl who’s two months old.

Vincent had to have FOUR blackberry muffins because he’s four, you know.  (FYI-He didn’t even like them that much…)

 We hurried home after that party to finish setting up for Olivia’s party with her friends. She wanted a princess party and asked everyone to dress up.
Balloons were played with while we waited for everyone to arrive.

 We made tiaras with pipe cleaners.

 I made one to show them one way to do it and they all made them their own.

 Andy helped Vincent make a “Prince Charming” crown because that’s who the girls decided he was for the party. (Do you like his mismatched crocs?)

 Elizabeth in her tiara and fancy dress (my old dress from when I was 12 or something.)

 A little dancing happened.  Really just this slow song one.  Apparently Vincent likes to bear hug older women…. (In the next picture they were dancing the regular way with one hand held. She must have fixed him up!)

 Some disco music came on with our party CD.

 Olivia blew out her seven candles after her friends sang to her.

I made this (misshapen) cake last night during and after game night.  Olivia wanted a rainbow cake with white frosting and the words in rainbow colors and sprinkles.  I think I did alright, but not my finest cake ever.
How’s it look?  Lots of colors and plenty of frosting.  It did taste good at least!
Olivia opened many very nice presents with oooohs and awwws galore.

 And we had a quick group picture before everyone left.  They were all almost in position when one parent came to the front door and most of them hurried to see whose parent was here and had to line back up for me.

 We rested a little bit before heading to a friend’s party.  She was in Olivia’s class at school last year and has an older sister who has been in some of Elizabeth’s classes too.
Can you spot our (much more modest) girls?

 Elisabeth (the birthday girl) has a talented dad.  He MADE this pinata!  Can you believe that?

 Olivia had a turn to hit it.  By then the acorn fell off along with the arms and had to be tied on the back.

 By the time it got to Elizabeth, it was missing much more.

 Once the whole thing was done, we tied the acorn and arms back up to hit with a metal bat.  This one didn’t fall at all.  I tied the knot.  Thanks, Cub Scouts!  I learned my knots!

 They had a blow up water slide and other water fun.  We didn’t stay long because it was time for our dinner.

 I rested a bit in the family room and the girls were playing with some new toys and suddenly the littles were quiet.  I wondered where they were and Elizabeth checked and said they were reading in the living room.  It’s always scary when it’s quiet and two kids are missing.  I was happy to learn they were just sitting their reading instead of getting into trouble.  I made Elizabeth take a picture so I could remember that.
Obviously, not the greatest picture, but I love it anyway!

 We had Little Caesar’s for dinner and everyone was bathed and put to bed.  What a birthday filled day!


One response to “Three Birthdays Saturday

  1. Mary says:

    I'm so glad I saved that dress so E could wear it for O's 7th Birthday party! Loved the last fuzzy picture the best, when little ones are being the GOOD kind of quiet! Nice that you could go to Mishelle and Doug's event too.

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