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School Starts!

on August 28, 2012

Most moms I know either cry or shout hooray this time of year knowing that their kids are growing up and that they’ll miss them.
I, however, just know that my girls will have a great time and will learn so much that I don’t cry at all.
This year I’m also not rejoicing.
Not going to lie, they HELP me a lot! I’ll have much more entertaining to do in the mornings now with Abby especially.  When the girls are home, they keep her busy and out of trouble (mostly).
Elizabeth still gets breakfast for all the kids.  So helpful!
I had to vacuum all the crushed cereal in the kitchen this morning though after Vincent and Abby stepped all over it when Abby spilled her cereal.  What a mess. But now clean again and no cereal for those two for the rest of the week.  Plain toast will be their breakfast.

Back to business:
Elizabeth is starting fourth grade.  She went to a Peer Helper meeting yesterday and already has a job to do on the first day of school.  She was supposed to be there a little early so she could help show a new student around the school.  I’m not sure if she did or not, but she was excited to be a helper. 

Olivia is starting second grade.  She was excited to show all of her classmates her newly pierced ears today. I guess maybe that’s why she wanted a ponytail now that I think about it…

 My three ponytailed girls.

 Aren’t they cute?

 Vincent felt like an Olympian this morning.  He told me so.  Maybe he is excited to rule the house?  Or at least he thinks he’ll rule the house.

 Elizabeth ran to the school to do her job and I walked Olivia in (with the other kids).  We found her classroom that’s UPSTAIRS and her desk and discovered that a friend from church is sitting right next to her!  She’s happy about that because we hadn’t heard of anyone we know who had the same teacher as her yet.

 Olivia with her teacher, Mrs. Marchell.  I just love seeing the flag at the front of the classroom.  It brings back so many great memories.  The chalkboards have all been replaced with whiteboards, but the flag remains.  I love it!

 We went down to the fourth grade section of the school (also upstairs) and found Elizabeth’s class.  She was already there and right in the front (which is why I suspect that she didn’t have to do her little job).  Her teacher is Mrs. Batdorf and she rides horses and has pictures of them all over her room.  I think Elizabeth will love being in her class (and will probably BEG to ride horses even more.)

 As we got out of our car to go into the school, my friend Ally called from her front door to come over after I dropped off the girls.  We didn’t have any plans, so we went over and chatted for a bit.
Rory and Vincent played ukuleles for us wearing Burger King crowns.  They are so funny.

I got home and started pruning my rose bushes, doing laundry, deep cleaning the bathroom, putting away the vacuum, and uploading pictures before I realized that I forgot to add the jello I made last night to the girl’s lunch bags.  They will be upset to find the spoon, but no jello.  I felt bad, but by the time I noticed that, it was already noon and I expect that they ate already and Abby was napping. I guess they’ll just have to eat it after school along with some delicious chocolate chip cookies. =)  Maybe then they won’t be mad at me. 
Monday (the day before school started), our PTA puts on a luncheon for the staff.  I’m the Vice President of the PTA this year and suggested a taco/burrito bar.  The President is new this year and thought that sounded nice.  We’ve done potato bars, salads, and other things, so it’s nice to have food they can put their own toppings on. 
We fed this many people, including my cousin who now works in the reading room!:
Unfortunately, we ran out of taco meat.  I thought we discussed someone bringing refried beans as well as meat (and talked to the person and they said they forgot-oops!), so I think the meat just didn’t stretch far enough.  I wasn’t in charge of that since I just had surgery and didn’t know how I’d feel. Also, we planned for 40, when with the whole staff, it’s more like 75.  I knew the number 75, but didn’t know that the new President didn’t know… Every topping was scraped clean of their bowls and we had to tell some of the staff (who didn’t get there on time) that they could make a quesadilla or something instead (until the cheese ran out…) It was embarrassing to me.  Normally, we have way too much food at the end and have to figure out how to divide it up.  This time the only thing left was taco shells and no one even got more than one taco.  
One of the nice ladies who’s a paraeducator and crossing guard at the school came and gave me a big hug afterwards and told me it was great and as she was hugging me asked me who made the snickerdoodles.  I answered that I did and the hug got even bigger and better (I guess.  I’m not really that much of a hugger.)  She told me not to worry about running out and that we do a great job.  So many nice people work at the school and they are so nice to our PTA, even we we sort of fail.
Next time will be better!
Time for me to go and switch the laundry and make some cookies before Abby wakes up!

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