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Over the river and through the woods…

on September 1, 2012

Yep, we went up to the mountain Saturday.
Vincent was VERY happy…that Grandma Shirley had licorice.

I took a new picture from the same spot I took a picture of Mount Hood on the Fourth of July.  The top picture is the one from July and the bottom picture is from today, the first of September.

I wanted to compare the differences. It was cloudy on the Fourth of July and there was much more snow.

We watched several birds feast on the fresh birdseed.  I’m not sure what kind of bird this is (even after spending 15 minutes trying to figure it out-possibly a kingbird or warbler.) They were mostly dropping the seeds on the ground for the bugs to eat.

 It was fun to watch them and challenge my camera a little.

 After our lunch the kids wanted to work on their clubhouse.  They enlisted Grandpa George’s help to move some of the logs.  Grandma Shirley made a denim sign that says Clubhouse on it for them to attach to the clubhouse.  They have all kinds of plans.

 Elizabeth and Olivia with one of the longest logs they carried.  They worked really hard!

 My three clubhouse builders.

 Elizabeth’s face was covered with dirt.

 Abby hung out inside most of the time.

Andy and I both had little catnaps and enjoyed some rest and relaxation.
Church changes to 9am for us tomorrow morning.  We are lucky we are in a building with the Singles Branch who always have the 1pm time, so we never have to switch to that one again.  That time is so hard for little kids.

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