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Up a Creek

on September 3, 2012
Monday was a nice little break from our ordinary Mondays.  
I was able to go and help clean our Columbia River Temple with others in our ward early in the morning since Andy had the day off of work.  (I swept the floor under the oxen in the baptistry.  It was neat!)
Andy mowed the lawn and went to Les Schwab to get our tire fixed that was low on Sunday.  Les Schwab took the day off, so he ended up at Firestone instead and they said we needed new tires.  They were pretty worn down and they had a deal going that saved us some money on the tires and made it worth it to get them.
Meanwhile, the girls played and schemed up ways to earn $1,100 to buy all of the American Girl things they wrote down that they want.  Yes, they actually added it all up with a calculator!  I keep trying to tell them the reality of cash flow around here.  They don’t quite seem to get it, but they think they might have a yard sale to sell their old toys.  We’ll see.
Andy got home from fixing up the car just in time to head to Walla Walla for a picnic with my parents and two local brothers and their families.
Rooks Park is a park that my parents have taken my kids to (while I was in the hospital with Abby), but we hadn’t all been there.  
I love little skirts on toddler girls.  They just swing so cute!

 Olivia teamed up with two cousins to spin on this little toy.

 Abby likes to say cheese sometimes.  I liked this little duck.

 We ate some yummy food (and others played and were hungry!)  The cousins ate over on a concrete circle tank.

 After we ate my dad wanted to go on a walk.  I joined him quickly (that’s why I wore my tennis shoes!) and we ended up with eight of the eleven kids with us.

 We walked across a bridge over Mill Creek and watched the geese.

 The kids climbed up a shortcut and slid down the other side.  It was pretty steep.  Here’s some action of Elizabeth’s trip down:

Love this face!

And into the brush!  She loved it!

Dad and I kept on walking.  I guess they stayed there going over and over.  We had a few kids still with us and called to them to come, but they didn’t listen. I figured they’d catch up. We saw some deer in a field a little ways off.

 My dad carried Abby most of the way.  Our one niece on my side is there with them.

 We eventually turned around before making our walk all the way to Bennington Lake where we wanted to go to find the rest of the kids.  Five or so came with us for at least part of the time.
We found them in a little hideaway near the bridge where they could climb up and slide down.  It was steep and very dusty.

 Olivia sliding down.

 Elizabeth climbing up.

 Olivia climbing back up.  So dirty.

 Elizabeth wanted to get all the way to the top, but we had to go.  Root Beer floats were a great incentive.

 Elizabeth slid down right into me hence the cloud of dust.

 One nephew played in the creek (while my dad watched) and found a crawdad.  Yuck.

He said he wanted to eat it and I suggested that he take it to school in his lunch Tuesday.  That made my dad choke on his float.  My dad’s reaction was much better than my little joke.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen my dad laugh so hard!
Vincent didn’t go with us on our first walk, so my dad took him on his own.  I went along too since I needed some exercise and I like to take pictures (maybe you’ve noticed.)

 Vincent loves his Grandpa Paul!

 Vincent’s cheesy smile.

 We took a little shortcut down the path to the park entrance.  How could you resist someone holding their hand out to help you?

 Abby wanted to go over to the field where the cows were grazing. I liked the sunset light on Vincent here.

 My dad with Abby.  If I ever need a profile picture of Abby, this will be the one I use!

 It’s always nice to get a picture of all of the cousins who come to things.  Here are eleven of the seventeen total grandkids on my side.

I love my family!
Olivia opened up a very special pillowcase Grandma Mary made her for her birthday.  She loves purple and is excited to use it.

After cleaning up we stopped off at a friend’s house in Walla Walla to drop off a few maternity dresses for her.  I went to school with her in middle and high school and she was baptized a few months ago and is expecting her fourth baby while her husband is away doing some Marine training.  She said on facebook that she was outgrowing her maternity stuff and didn’t have any church clothes, so I told her I’d bring her some.  Sure, she could wear the black slacks she was wearing to church, but it’s so much nicer to be comfortable in a dress along with everyone else. (I lent them to her and wrote my initials on the tag of the ones I’d like back in a few years.)  I’m so excited for her and this new path she is on and want to support her all that I can.
Laundry is calling my name!

2 responses to “Up a Creek

  1. Mary says:

    I bet the Laundry is calling after the dust the kids brought back from the Hill. Thanks for suggesting we gather last night. I was happy to see 11 of the 17. Great pics with your camera.

  2. FUN!!! I love that park. I wonder if Coy took the crawdad for lunch. Your dad has a great laugh…. I can just picture it! Missed it!

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