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‘Can’ I?

on September 12, 2012

 So on Monday I told you that we went around our neighborhood and let our block now that we were collecting food for our local food bank, right?  This white basket was filled that day.

Wednesday afternoon the girls went and picked up all of the food in the blue basket from the rest of our neighbors for the food that will all go to the local food bank.  I’m impressed by how giving our neighbors are.  This is all from just the tiny amount of effort we put into it of maybe an hour and a half of our time.  Look how generous our neighbors are!  Our block only has 23 houses.  Aren’t you impressed?
We drove it right over to the guy in our ward whose in charge of this food drive and dropped it off so he can take it there tonight with the rest of the food our ward brings to him.  Our whole community is working on this and I’m so glad we participated.

Tuesday afternoon Vincent took a voluntary quiet time.  He didn’t fall asleep, but I was grateful for the quiet. (That by itself deserves a picture!)

We are busy, like always, but doing our best to fill our busyness with goodness.

One of my photographer friends posted a few new pictures I hadn’t seen yet and gave me the disk.  Check out this new shot and then go and look at the two blogs she did featuring my daughters who modeled these dresses for Sweet Lizzi‘s dresses.
This pose is my favorite.  I’m going to order it in a print for their room.  

2 responses to “‘Can’ I?

  1. You do the best things!! You are SuperMom. That picture of your girls is GORGEOUS!

  2. Juwmama says:

    That picture is precious! I love the new colors of your blog, too! JULIA

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