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on September 19, 2012
Olivia was all excited after school about figuring out how to cartwheel today.  She had to go to ballet right after school, so we had to wait to have a little show.
Here she is starting out.

 Flipping over.

 She doesn’t land very nice quite yet, so this is mostly just pictures of her running and upside-down.

 She is persistent and wants to do things the best she can.

 This is her asking me if I got pictures of her cartwheeling.

 And off for more cartwheels!

 The majority of my pictures look like this one.  At least she wears bike shorts under her skirts!

 Vincent climbed in our front yard tree.

Vincent kept eating leaves from our tree.  He thinks he’s a koala.

 We took a loaf of banana huckleberry bread over to our neighbor who gave us some of the huckleberries she picked a few weeks ago (and froze) and the kids played with her new tiny dog and found a necklace for Abby to play with.

Some video of Vincent climbing and telling me that he’s like a koala.  It sounds like chihuahua when he says it though. 

He really did go inside and eat his leaf with ranch and then went outside to get more leaves.  Good thing for him we don’t spray our trees (and YES, we DO feed him!)

2 responses to “Cartwheels

  1. Rachel says:

    i miss that little koala!

  2. Mary says:

    Don't tell him the birdies poop on the leaves…YUCKY. Give that boy some Spinach! Then he can be like Popeye, The sailor man. Fun cartwheels, you should video those so you get the whole cartwheel.

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