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Letter B Preschool

on September 20, 2012
I wanted to teach the letter B because I taught it the last few times and it’s a fun letter with so many things that start with B.  I changed up my lesson plan so it wouldn’t be the same for Vincent as last year.
I had the letter B, number 2, and subject Body.
We built Potato Head bodies while everyone was dropped off.

Then we used blocks to build bridges (or robots which is what a few of the kids picked to do instead).
The kids walked backwards into the family room for the rest of preschool.
We colored B pictures and did some matching body parts (eyes, hands, etc.)
I put some blue tape on the floor and they ‘balanced’ walking across like a balance beam.  I gave them books to balance on their heads, but they couldn’t quite do that.
We had some berry (huckle) banana bread that was brown for our snack. The kids loved it.

 We made a Bee out of the letter B, although the one girl in our group just cut hers into tiny pieces while I was helping the boys, so she took my example home instead.

 The kids moved like butterflies, buzzed like bees, and bounced like bears.
Before they bounded on out of here, we played some “London Bridges”.
Abby wanted a picture of her holding a paper too.  She had quite the fountain hair today.

I spent the afternoon working on PTA membership and then made dinner before going to Shirley’s to work on some fun little ‘thanks for coming’ gifts for our Autumn Event October 12th and 13th.
Then I went to Kohl’s.  I’ve been missing going there for awhile. I found several (probably too much…) awesome things I had to get that were an excellent deal.  I really love Kohl’s.


One response to “Letter B Preschool

  1. Mary says:

    So Clever you are with the Letter "b". Such cute Kids. Love the smiles and even the fountain hairdo!

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