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on September 21, 2012
Whew.  I am glad it’s Friday night.  This week has been crazy busy (even more than normal).  We had something going on nearly every night and the night I didn’t have something, my walking pal was busy watching her daughter play volleyball, so I wasn’t able to walk much (without kids).  Don’t worry.  I wasn’t very lazy either.
Friday morning was spent grocery shopping for my House Party for Foster Farms tomorrow and all the food we’ll need next week.  They sent me some awesome vouchers for fresh Foster Farms chicken and I get to cook it up in some recipes they sent me and then we get to rate it and vote for the winner.  It’s going to be fun. If you aren’t busy this Saturday from 2pm-4pm (or anywhere in between) come on over for some grub.
At 11:30 Friday I went to a friend’s House Party for Fisher Price.  Fisher Price sent her really cool huge toys to have toddlers and preschoolers play with and we had some good snacks going too.
Friday evening we headed out to my brother’s place for his son’s eighth birthday party.  My kids always like to play on this giant teeter-totter.

 Vincent quickly found the battery operated tractor that is for kids to drive.  Elizabeth had to help him out some of the time.  He loved it.  Too bad our backyard is sloped, small, and we are not in a position to buy such a cool toy.

 My nephew Colby with his baseball cake.

  They had a penguin pinata to hit.  Abby hasn’t done this before, but she liked having a turn.

 Vincent is a pro….sort of. (Yes, that is a strange vest he’s wearing.  I meant to give it away the last time I went through clothes, but I didn’t make it to his room.  He wouldn’t take it off before we left.)

 The kids all filling up their popcorn tubs with candy.

 Colby opened his presents and then his grandpa brought out this metal detector for Colby to have.  He was pretty excited.

My kids said on our way out that Colby was going to get SO rich!  We’ll see.
We had game night when we got home.
I am so ready for bed.


One response to “pinata

  1. Fun party! I'm sad I missed your Foster Farms party too… I like chicken! and everything looked really yummy!

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