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I Gotta Feeling…

on September 29, 2012

Today was great.
I had some places to go, but it wasn’t stressful or hard at all, partly because I didn’t have kids in tow….
At 2pm our stake had a gathering of little things that we do for humanitarian services all year. This year is a little different than years in the past because the items we made are all going to places locally.  There was delicious soup, salad, and rolls to eat and more projects to work on.  I helped tie a quilt and made some thank you cards that will go to missionaries to give to people and visited plenty.  Our stake showed the Relief Society broadcast at 5pm, but Andy’s mom asked me if I wanted to go with her and two of her sisters and her mom and Andy’s sisters (only one came tonight though) to watch it in Kennewick instead.  They were rebroadcasting it at 7pm with some dessert before at 6pm, so I had plenty of time between.

As I was working on crafts at my church, I was thinking about how I was picking Grandma Ellen up and how close she lives to where my grandparents moved this week to an assisted living care place due to their health and thought that I should go visit them.  Of course this was a great prompting that I should listen to.  I called my grandma from the parking lot and asked if I could come over.  She hurriedly told me she didn’t have many minutes left on her Tracfone and asked me to call Charter for her because they were supposed to come over and hook up their cable.  I didn’t quite understand why I needed to call, but I went home and got the phonebook and tried to call them, but since I didn’t have my grandparent’s actual room number or account number with Charter, they couldn’t tell me anything.  I decided to take my phone book with me and head on over.  I called Andy’s grandma and told her I’d be a little later than I planned (but we were going to be super early, so it worked out perfectly.)  I went right in to my grandparent’s new place and asked someone which room was theirs and he knew as soon as I told him their name which room they were in, which is great considering they have only been there a few days!  I went up and let myself in after no one answered.  She probably did holler at me to come in since she broke vertebrates in her back with her Osteoporosis.  Grandma was laying on the couch and explained the cable situation to me.  She said they called to let her know they were coming to set up their cable and to push “1” if that was okay and she wasn’t sure if she pushed the right number. I called Charter again with more information this time.  Just as I called Charter and was working through the calling center (pushing “0” the whole time to get straight to an operator), there was a knock at the door and I opened it and there stood the Charter guy ready to set it up.
Perfect. Problem # 1 taken care of.

Soon after he got there, an aunt called my cell phone.  She had called my house after I left and Andy told her where I was and she asked if we’d get her some more minutes on their phone and she’d pay us back. I have her phone now and we will do that tonight and return it tomorrow. Problem # 2 taken care of.

I started circling the channels Grandma wanted to watch on the paper the Charter guy gave me since she doesn’t know the numbers (only NBC and BYU channels were the ones she wanted). Then we found out that their package didn’t include BYU, so an aunt will have to call and take care of that next week and it can be fixed over the phone, so they will be able to watch General Conference next week.  Problem # 3 plan in action.

Grandma was coveting my pencil I was writing with.  Not because it was an awesome Halloween pencil (that we took home from the church library last week because Abby ate the eraser-we are replacing it tomorrow!), but because she has been laying down writing notes with a pen in her little notebook and it doesn’t work well upside down. I gave her my pencil of course. She said she’d need a sharpener next.  I added that to my list (along with more pencils) to take back tomorrow.  Problem # 4 taken care of.

The Charter guy asked for a surge protector and I had no idea where one might be or if they’d have one, so he unplugged the DVD player to plug in the cable box. He left soon after and I went to put away the paperwork from him and Grandma said to put it in the cabinet under the TV and there was a perfectly good surge protector, so I fixed it up for them.  Problem # 5 solved.

Grandpa was downstairs eating during all of this. Grandma said that he slept most of the day and that when he sleeps it means he isn’t hurting.  After Grandpa got back, he put some leftovers in the fridge and dropped a few grapes so I picked them up for him. I’m sure that was helpful to him since he has had some balance troubles lately.  He didn’t recognize me for a minute, either because he didn’t know I was coming or because I was all dressed up.  Small problem # 6 easily solved.

I danced with Grandma (the shuffle) to the bathroom so she could use it. It was a great dance. She said she could push the button on her necklace to get someone to help her, but since I was there I helped her out.  I didn’t even have to do more than hold her arms to support her. Problem # 7 taken care of.

Grandma said that it was a miracle that I called and came over when I did and was glad I was there to speak the Charter guy’s language.  I had that special prompting that I should go and see them and that they needed me.  I was probably only there for a half hour total.  So glad I listened to that prompting.  I’m sure someone else could have helped them, but I know my being there helped Grandma relax and be taken care of.

I’m going to make her a little fabric pocket to hang over the couch with some pockets in it for her phone, notebook, and pencils. They were just under her pillow which doesn’t make them very accessible. I want her to be as comfortable as possible.  Problem (she doesn’t even know she has) # 8 to be done soon!

I’m going back tomorrow after church with my big girls to bring some things back and help if needed again.

I’m so grateful I knew I needed to go and see her.

Then I headed over to pick up Grandma Ellen and go to the Kennewick East Stake RS dessert before the wonderful broadcast to the women of the church.  It was terrific.  I took notes and cried through every talk.  So uplifting and wonderful.  When I came home, two kids were in bed and two were on their way.

Time to go and make a little pocket for my grandma.

I am feeling good tonight!

Oh, and check out this fun bag I won at a friend’s blog giveaway:

It’s for trick or treating.  She has a great tutorial on her blog.  Vincent gets to keep it because he’s the only boy and he has longer than the girls to go trick or treating. He loves it!

Update a few hours later:
I made this pocket to go over the top of Grandma’s couch.  Pocket for notebooks, cell phone, and pens and pencils.

 It works on my couch.  I may need to make adjustments if she needs it bigger or something.  Not the most gorgeous fabric, but this is a prototype. =)

I told my mom I was going to make a pocket for Grandma and she said Grandpa needed one for his walker.  I whipped this one up for the walker.  
I think I like it more than Grandma’s.  I used road sign fabric with adjustable elastic from old jeans I turned into jean quilts.  It should attach right onto Grandpa’s walker.  I have no idea what he needs to carry, so I just put some stuff in the pockets for him.  There is another pocket behind the first ones.
Anyone else need a pocket?  They are handy!

One response to “I Gotta Feeling…

  1. Mary says:

    I am so glad you followed your prompting. The pocket sounds like a great idea. Grandpa could use one on his walker too.

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