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A baptism, Craft Event, and a Wedding

on October 13, 2012
Could our day be even more full?  Yes, actually it could and it was.  I went to our Ransom Made Design Autumn Event at 9am all dressed up for the rest of the day’s events.  I had a good time visiting and thinking of new crafty ideas while selling some items.  
Soon after I got there, a friend called me back and said she’d LOVE to watch my kids tonight when Andy and I go to a wedding and that her daughter would love to come and play.  We just trade babysitting, so that works out well.
My brother’s son Colby was getting baptized at a church close to where the event was and it started at 11am.  Andy met me there with our four kids. As I walked in, my brother’s family was all lined up for a picture, so I got one too. 

 After Colby was baptized, I helped Andy take our kids to the car so he could take Olivia to her Nutcracker  practice that started at 12.  Not much time to waste.  He took her there and then went home to take care of the other kids and went back to get Olivia an hour later.
I happened to see Joe and Colby coming back from leaving their extra clothes in their car when I came back from sending Andy off with the kids.

 There were excellent talks, especially the one about how being baptized is like a cookie.  Totally makes sense, right?  No?  Let me explain a little.  To make a cookie, you need water or some kind of liquid (baptism).  That’s still not quite a cookie (although it sure is tasty that way!).  You also need fire (the Holy Ghost) to bake the cookie and make it the best it can be.  But it doesn’t end there.  You need to USE that cookie and have it live up to its potential.  They are no good sitting on a shelf.  Use your cookie to do good works and be like Christ.  I really liked the analogy, even though it made me want to eat a cookie, really bad.
My grandpa was able to come.  My aunt asked for a four generation picture of him with my dad, brother, and Colby.  They are even all smiling!

 I went back over to the event (leading my aunt over so she could check it out).  We had a good afternoon and I was able to hold a baby nephew and a baby niece.  So sweet. (No, I’m NOT, and not anytime soon.)

When the event was over, I loaded up all of my stuff and got some money and then headed home.  I had about an hour before it was time to leave for the wedding.  Elizabeth wrapped our present for me.  She’s getting pretty good and even made a flower out of the ribbon.
The wedding was for one of my former MiaMaids at church (14/15 year old girls).  Holly looked much better than this picture taken across the room in a dimly lit room showed.  Her dad looked nice in his suit too. Holly and her now husband had a baby earlier this year, so we wanted to support their decision to get married.  She’s a nice girl.

They made some excellent promises to each other.  The only thing I thought was funny was when they agreed to still be one whole human.  Is that strange to you?  How could you even BE half a person?  I don’t know that I’d ever promise to become half a person.  Would you pick the top?  I guess you’d have to…. Other than that line, I thought it was great, although different from what we are used to.  We don’t go to many weddings outside the Temple, but we do go to a lot of receptions.

 The decorations were pretty to look at and were even fun to play with.  See my next picture?  These two “boys” were playing with the little jewels that were on the centerpiece like tiddlywinks (flipping them over each other and trying to see whose could go the farthest.)

 They had some yummy fruits and vegetables, tortilla wraps, along with kabobs and roast beef.  It was all tasty.  I even had a chocolate covered strawberry, but limited myself to one.
One of my friends was on a little getaway, so her daughter came with her husband.  She discovered the fun of crystal glass playing.  It kept her busy while we waited for the toast and other things.

When we came home, the kids were playing nicely and my friend said they were great.  She even had some kind of awesome connection to a pizza delivery guy who brought them a giant x-large pizza and dessert pizza  and pop for free because someone couldn’t pay for it.  The kids devoured the pizza.  I guess they didn’t want the leftovers.  Sunday dinner just got easier for me! 
Such a fun day.  So, so busy, but so worth it.

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