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Where it’s at.

on October 15, 2012
I’m convinced.  Family really IS where it’s at.  
I love spending time with family (and away from them sometimes too, but this one’s not about that!)  I have been over to see my grandparents several times now that they live so close.  Whenever I have a spare hour or so, I try to manage a visit.  Grandma’s back is feeling a lot better now.  It’s not healed all the way still, but she is able to eat downstairs in the cafeteria with everyone else and sit up more.
We went up to their room and they weren’t there, so Andy stayed in a foyer area with the kids while I went downstairs to see if they were eating. We showed up right at their dinnertime.  They got their plates just as I arrived at their table in the corner of the room.  I went back up to Andy and he took the three bigger kids into their room to hang out and I took Abby with me to visit with my grandparents while they ate their dinner.  Abby was quite popular as we walked across the room.  Everyone wanted us to stop so she’d wave to them.  It was fun and she was so cute.  One old man even wheeled himself over to give her a piece of candy.  Another old man kept winking at her (have I mentioned winking creeps me out?)  Grandma gave Abby some chips and the other lady at their table gave her some ranch to dip them in.  Grandma finished her food early and headed upstairs to see Andy and the three older kids and gave me directions to come back up with Grandpa. The workers at the assisted living place brought out strawberry ice cream at the end of the meal.  Abby got her very own when the other lady at the table requested it.  She ate the whole bowlful and loved it.   Grandpa and Grandma said they order a half meal and even that is too much for them most of the time.  They don’t like to waste.  That’s how they (and most people in their mid 80’s) are.  I told them that at least the place they are at isn’t starving them and they said there was no chance of them starving there.  Plus, when their kids and grandkids visit, we bring food for them often.  They said they really don’t need anymore food though and made my kids eat the cookies we brought them (which was obviously well received.)  As we were leaving one of my uncles came with my aunt and cousin to visit (with another treat. hahaha.)  I’m glad they are having so many visitors.  We love them!
We attempted a picture of me and my kids with Grandma Zora and Grandpa Gordon.  It worked for most of us.  
Grandma asked if she could hold Abby, but as I tried to hand her to her, Abby lunged for Grandpa instead.  She’s a wiggly little girl. I went to visit last Wednesday with just Abby while Vincent was at preschool and Abby spent a lot of time on Grandpa Gordon’s lap reading books and jumping down to go and pick out a new book to read.

 I needed a picture of just me and my Grandma Zora.  The last few times I visited she was in her nightgown and hurting really bad, so I tried not to bug her too much with my camera.  I love this lady!

I noticed Abby’s bed had something on it this week.  I thought it was a bandaid and was going to get mad at Vincent (who likes bandaids most) and then noticed that it was definitely not a bandaid.  Abby has been chewing on the end rail of her bed.  The side rails have plastic guards, but the ends don’t.  I’ll have to fix this! I hope the paint chips don’t hurt her.

 This is the corner of my computer desk.  My little Abby mouse struck again.

I guess I should have her be a mouse for Halloween instead of a cat.
I have a nice big red mark on my arm from where she bit me today after I cleaned her face after dinner.  Ouch, that hurt!  It’s a good thing she is so cute!

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