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Pumpkin Picking

on October 17, 2012
We went to the pumpkin patch for Vincent’s preschool this morning.  
Here are Vincent and Abby searching for the perfect pumpkin.

 The day in South Eastern Washington was beautiful.

 Vincent found his pumpkin.

 Abby was still on the lookout.

 Found one.


 This boy really knows how to have fun.

I liked the sunlight on Abby’s piggytail in this picture.  She was trying to take bites of the pumpkin like she eats apples.

 Vincent helping one of his preschool buddies push the wagon to weigh the pumpkins.

 A cat ran past us and Abby chased it down.  It was just laying in the shade hanging out.

 Vincent with two of the three kids in his preschool.  The other one is in Boise and is going to the Temple Open House there.  We are going to do that in a few weeks.

 Abby is helpful.  She wanted to push the wagon too.

 Another cute Vincent face.  I have to post them when he’s actually looking at me since he doesn’t so often.

 We went out to Job’s Nursery in Pasco this time instead of clear out to Country Mercantile.  I wanted to try somewhere new and closer.  I bought two small pumpkins and two medium ones and all I paid was $6 total. We didn’t have to pay a user fee either.
I set my camera timer to take a picture of me today.  I didn’t even suck in my tummy or fix my double chin.  Still, much better than a year ago.

Chicken Pot Pie soup is cooking on the stove and getting ready for its crust.  Yum.
And that’s what we are up to this fine October Wednesday.


One response to “Pumpkin Picking

  1. Mary says:

    Gotta love the pumpkin patch. Glad you could go with the little ones. Chicken Pot Pie, what time is Dinner??

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