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He took a beating!

on October 21, 2012
Er, I mean beaDing.  My dad was awarded his Beading for his Wood Badge Training for Boy Scouts tonight.  It’s a special award that adult leaders of troops can earn.  My dad did his training awhile ago and completed all of the goals he set and earned this award.  
These three men with him helped train those who took the course.  The one on the right next to the flag is in Andy’s parent’s ward and we know him well.  He told us last summer when we saw him how great my dad was when he met him at Wood Badge.

 Here’s my dad with his new neckerchief, beading necklace, and slide.

 The scoutmaster in my dad’s ward gave him a fun spinning rocket to play with too.

 My brother and I both came to support dad with our families.  Between the two of us, we have just over half of the grandkids (there are 17 grandkids total.)

 This picture is better, but it’s missing Abby who wanted to go play.

Great work, Dad!

Today in our ward they released Andy as the Ward Mission Leader and sustained him as Varsity Coach/Teacher Advisor so now he’ll get to help the 14 and 15 year old young men and go to mutual.  It will be a fun change.

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