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October Park Day

on October 25, 2012
While much of the country is getting hit with snow, we are relishing some sunny, although chilly, time at the park.  Sure it was only twenty minutes, but we enjoyed it all the same.
We had a packed day.  This morning after dropping the girls off at school, Vincent and Abby went visiting teaching with me.  While there, I saw the sign up sheet that was passed around at church for bringing cookies to the Red Cross Blood Drive that I signed up for, but didn’t write down, so I forgot that it was today.  I had a little time in my morning to hurry home and whip up some chocolate chip cookies and then run them over to the church.  When I got home and started making lunch, a friend came by with some money to order Nutcracker poinsettias.  I fed Vincent and Abby and made Abby take a nap.  I did some dishes and cleaned the stovetop. Then I ate my lunch and caught up on facebook.  One of my good, good friends is pregnant and nearly on bedrest and was talking about how her daughter clogged their toilet with little people toys and she had to figure that out and threw up with her all day morning sickness in the process.  A few people commented on her post that it was “so funny”.  I was like, man you need a break!  Bring that girl to me.  I would have picked her up if Abby wasn’t sleeping.  She came over fairly soon afterwards to play.  At the same time, MY visiting teacher came over.  The other one was sick.  The one who came brought her three little kids (ages 4, 2, nearly 1).  She’s having a baby in December too and is close to being on bedrest as well.  When she asked ME what she could do for me, I told her she was busy enough and that I wasn’t going to call her.  I’m doing just fine without burdening her.  It was great to get to know her more and her kids were very nice and they all played well with Vincent and the little girl who came to play (no toilet incidents at my house!)  I gathered a bunch of snacking type food to take with us on our errands.  We went and picked Elizabeth and Olivia up from school so that we could take Elizabeth to her Activity Day with the girls from church.  I kept my friend’s daughter with us.  We went to the library.  They had their therapy dogs there for kids to pet and read to which my kids always enjoy.  
Then we went to a park (with just one entrance, hardly any people, and good toys).
I only had my old camera with me, but figured if I was out managing four kids, I might as well take some pictures.
Vincent really likes to climb.  He’s all bundled up in his winter coat already.

Abby is all smiles when she can run around.  I need to get her bigger coat out soon.

Little cutie peeking through the bars at me!

Rory with Abby on the rainbow slides.

Olivia put her head through a hold and wanted me to take her picture.  This one turned out very good, especially for my old camera.

Rory had to copy Olivia’s hole idea.  She’s so much fun!

Olivia and Rory in their princess bunkbeds.  Creative kids!

Abby crawled across this bridge most of the time we were at the park and finally was brave enough to run across at the end.  Look at that huge smile!  There are little holes in the metal and they made her nervous.

Vincent was all smiles on the slides.  This park has seven slides I think and four swings too!  (If you live close, it’s back behind Bomber Drive Thru and by Richland High’s tennis courts).

We dropped Rory back off at her house and her well rested mom thanked me.  So glad she rested while she had a break!
I forgot up there that someone else stopped by my house this morning.  Our ward had a service auction a few weeks ago and I bid on and won some mending from a lady in my ward.  I asked her if she would/could fix Olivia’s little Olivia the Pig whose stuffing was coming out between the top and bottom of her dress.  She fixed it very nicely and even added some sparkly ribbons to her ears.  MY Olivia was thrilled to have her back.  I told her to go and look on her bed for a surprise.

Look how cute she is!  All dressed again, although now I’m thinking I should make her a little jacket…

Poor little Elizabeth had such a long afternoon running from thing to thing.  Fun things, but too much.  School, activity day for an hour, then home to work on some homework and eat dinner at the same time, then Jujitsu for an hour, and more homework.  She needs to learn how to manage her weekly homework better and we need to work on that, I guess too.
We were planning on going to the school for the Book Fair that’s going on there this week and help before Jujitsu, but PTA didn’t need me to help, so I decided not to go and let Elizabeth work more.  There was more than the Book Fair going on and I’m sure it would have been fun, but we were needing a break by that point in the day.  I’m glad it was leftover night!
Andy took Elizabeth to Jujitsu and Abby and Vincent went to bed.  When she got home, Andy read to the girls quickly before Elizabeth had to do the rest of her homework.  She also still needed to shower after Jujitsu.  She got to bed about 9:30pm.
Here’s Elizabeth on my bed (so there wouldn’t be the distraction of Andy and Olivia’s “Mummy” movie watching) doing her homework (her arm was propped up on Andy’s scriptures part of the time), wearing her Jujitsu outfit, and snacking on her treat she made at activity days.

What a day!
Friday will be much calmer!  Just grocery shopping for me, Vincent, and Abby and some Nutcracker practice in the evening for Elizabeth and Olivia.


One response to “October Park Day

  1. Mary says:

    I'm freezing just seeing the pictures of SNOW. Only rain around here so far. Cute Park Pictures. You are very BUSY. Going Shopping with kids would wear me out!

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