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Boise Temple

on October 28, 2012
I read a little about the Boise Temple Open House that was happening this fall because it was remodeled and after they remodel, there is an open house.  I thought that it would be fun to go, but we always have so much on our schedule to go and do that I thought it might not happen.  Then I noticed something rare, something very rare indeed.  A BLANK SQUARE on the calendar.  It just so happened to be a Saturday when Andy could drive us to Boise.  I asked my mom if she wanted to come with us since we had one extra seat in our rig.  My dad was working anyway and my mom came with us.  (She blogged about it here.)
We woke up super early so we could drive to Walla Walla and then go to Boise from there in time for our reservation at 2:40pm (1:40pm our time).  Andy and I got up at 5:30am to shower and left our house about 6:45am with a supply of breakfast, snacks, and treats, with jackets and a spare outfit for Abby, along with things to keep the kids busy on the trip.  It was still dark when we left our house and the sun was up by the time we got there.
When we got to Walla Walla a little before 8am, we took the kids out of the car so they could have a potty break.  I took Abby out of her seat even though I knew she didn’t need a potty break and all of the sudden she threw up all of her cup of milk she drank on the way.  Ugh!  I do not know how other people handle kids throwing up all the time.  Ours do it so rarely that I hardly know what to do.  Luckily, motherly instinct kicked in and I held her out to puke on the grass in front of my parent’s house and none of it got on me and only a little tiny bit got on Abby’s coat which I quickly washed off in my mom’s sink.
I was hopeful that it was just bad milk or drinking it too quickly in the morning or motion sickness or something, even though that hasn’t ever been a problem.  However, another half hour or so later, she did it again with a banana that I thought (wrongly) would be okay to give to her.  So dumb.  It was disgusting.  Poor Elizabeth had to try her best to clean her up with baby wipes because we were on a narrow road and couldn’t stop.  I cleaned her up a little later at a rest stop and then she fell asleep.  We didn’t want to turn around, although I did think about it.
Abby slept for awhile and when she woke up I gave her a pretzel to snack on.  She kept her food down the rest of the day, but was pretty tired.  I think she and I may need to stay home from church because I don’t want to take her to nursery very bad (and I’m sure others don’t want that either) but I really do think it was just some morning thing since it’s been hours and hours and she’s been alright.  She is just much more mellow than normal. 
I’m so glad I decided to pack an extra outfit for her thinking she might make a mess of her snack!
We stopped and ate a quick lunch at Jack in the Box where Abby had chicken nuggets and fries and water and did just fine, so hopefully she is better!
We made it to Boise in plenty of time to go take pictures in front of the Temple before we went on our tour because cameras are not allowed in the Temple.  Here’s Grandma Mary with Olivia, Elizabeth, Vincent, and Abby (in her contingency outfit).
Then we went to the stake center for a film explaining what happens in the Temple and what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes in and why Temples are important before going over to have some youth put some little white booties over our shoes to protect the carpet in the Temple.  Abby didn’t want them on her feet until everyone else had them and then she just had to have them.  The kids did very well not touching or talking inside the Temple and liked to look at all of the pretty mirrors and pictures.
Andy retrieved our cameras from the car so we could take a few more.  Here are my four kids in front of the Boise Temple.  They all have their eyes in the direction of the camera.  Hooray! 

 And here is my whole family.  I like this one!

 Andy used to live in Boise so he’s been to this Temple plenty of times, but I’d only ever seen it in passing on the freeway, so I was excited to go inside and see what it was like and compare our Columbia River Temple to this one.  I took this picture as we drove out of the parking lot.  I’ll call it artistic (instead of crooked.)

 Another driving shot.  Beautiful building that will soon be dedicated and will do wonderful work!

Andy likes to drive different ways and see different things than just the same old freeway/highway the whole time, so we drove through Emmett, Idaho taking a quick detour through his old neighborhood to look at his old house and middle school.
It started raining as soon as we all got in the car and hardly let up the whole way home.
We also saw this BLACK Dodge Ram.  My brother Jeff really likes Dodge Rams, especially black ones.  I mentioned that he should like this black Dodge Ram with green accents and we all had a good laugh, so much that I had to take a picture.  Nice black Dodge Ram, right?  (Maybe this is only funny to me…)

We got my mom home about 7:30pm and she made the kids some macaroni and cheese and her special fruit smoothies they requested (instead of stopping at McDonald’s).  She even made me a grilled cheese sandwich and cut it diagonally.  It was so good!  Food is always better when your mommy makes it!
We got home at 9:30pm and unloaded the car, Andy took apart Abby’s carseat, I gave Abby and Vincent a bath and got Abby to bed, Andy helped Vincent to bed, Elizabeth and Olivia went to bed because they had a shower Friday night after Nutcracker rehearsal, and I started on laundry so the carseat would be clean for Sunday if needed.  Still trying to decide if we should attempt church with Abby.  I guess we’ll have to see what the night brings.  Fingers crossed!


2 responses to “Boise Temple

  1. Mary says:

    You always add the "rest of the Story" Thanks for inviting me to go along! It was fun to be with your sweet family. I hope they all remember how it felt to be there and see inside~

  2. shaunie says:

    I know where that Dodge pick-up pic was taken, my in-laws live in Emmett. They've lived there for 11 years now. I'd love to take my kids to the temple, but it would be a 12 hour drive. Not doable this time of year. :)I'm glad you got to go!

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