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Adult Halloween Party

on November 3, 2012
We had our sixth annual Adult Halloween Party tonight.  It was a lot of fun, as always, although I was an hour late to my own party because Elizabeth and Olivia had Nutcracker rehearsal tonight that went longer than expected, so I was at the ballet studio waiting for Elizabeth to finish while in costume.  Not the most fun thing ever, but after dropping off the kids at the house they were babysat at (except Abby who was ready for bed by then), I was still able to enjoy a few hours of party and eating and chatting with awesome friends.
Andy and I were Ricky and Lucy from the “I Love Lucy” show.  My hair acted better on Halloween, but it still worked.  Andy made his own outfit.  I’m so glad he can sew too!
A Publisher Clearinghouse Winner with Ed McMahon.  They won the Best Couple Costume award (although technically Andy and I won by one vote, but we don’t really win prizes I pick out…)  Kristine won a candy guess jar too.

  Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.

 M&M’s.  Our kids were at their house.

 A Frog Princess and Frog Prince.

 A Walking Cliche.  He had labels with all kinds of funny cliches on them. (Nathan’s an editor for his job.)

 A Newspaper Carrier and Bicyclist.  She tied for the Best Lady’s Costume and he won one of the guessing candy jars.

 A Right-Winged Conservative with a Fiesta Girl.  She co-won for the Best Lady’s Costume.

 Sandra Dee and Danny Zuko from Grease.

 One of the actresses from Desperate Housewives.

 A scarecrow and an Indian.  Gary won for Best Guy’s Costume.

 We borrowed a giant Jenga set from our Bishop who borrowed it from his daughter.  Andy liked it.  I bet the kids will like it tomorrow too!

 Jalene tried it out.

 Sonia wiggled some pieces.

 Nathan decided to try and get all of the middle blocks out.

 A Frog Princess and Fiesta Girl kicking back.

Friday I was at the store and went to the check out to see the lady ahead of me putting the groceries on the conveyor belt for the elderly man who was ahead of her.  Then she bagged them up (we were at Winco), as I left the store, she was still there talking with him and helping him.  So nice.  I love seeing such great examples of Christlike service.

The house is clean again for another party Saturday for the kids and some friends (like half of our Primary). We’ll see who shows up.  They are excited.

2 responses to “Adult Halloween Party

  1. Rachel says:

    amazing party people!!

  2. Mary says:

    So nice of you to host it 6 years running! Giant Jenga looks fun, too.

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