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Kid’s Halloween Party 2012

on November 3, 2012

We had the second annual Kid’s Halloween Party Saturday morning.  The girls saw how much fun our party was a few years ago and asked for their own.  It’s a lot of fun and the kids love having an extra day to wear costumes.
We’ll start with a costume parade….of 29 kids.  Holy cow, it’s a good thing our party is just an hour and a half!
Here are my four cute kids.  The girls did their own makeup.  Can you tell? ;)  Andy says: click this picture to zoom in, and look at Abby.  I can’t help but crack up.

Our first guests arrived a half hour early, but they are well behaved so we didn’t kick them out. They are a Jedi Master Trainer and a Princess.

One of Elizabeth’s friends came without a costume, so we improvised with a tutu and she became a biker ballerina.

 Vincent’s friend was swallowed by a shark.  He came up to me partway through the party telling me he was thirsty.  Of course he was, since sharks live in the water!

 A little cat who loves her mommy.  I was glad her mom stayed to help.  She managed several of the littlest kids.

 A cute little Quarterback.  I don’t think the kids even appreciated the humor in this, but I sure did.  How did this kid grow up so fast?  I babysat him when he was 18 months!

 Samer BYU Cheerleaders.  These girls were super helpful with the little kids assisting them with the guessing game and their votes for best costume.

 Another little cheerleader.  (Of course the picture I take of the professional photographer’s kid is blurry!)  This girl shares a name with one of the cheerleaders above.

 A Cowboy and an “I Do Not Know”.  That’s what she wrote on the sign in.  Cute.

 A little princess and a construction man.  The princess shares a name with another princess who came to our party.

 A little Ariel.  She’s so quiet and nice.  I think Vincent overwhelms her in Sunbeams at church.

 An ’80’s Backup Singer.  How creative and fun!

 An awesome Catwoman and a little witch.

 A Frankenstein girl, really a Monster High dress.  This is one of Olivia’s friend from school.

 This cute family are the ones who had the soup party on Halloween night at their house.  She’s a Goldfish with a Zebra and a Knight.

 Another look at why little kids should not have control of the makeup.  Olivia wore sunglasses with her costume the rest of the party.  Hilarious.

These two loved playing with the giant Jenga more than anyone else.

 They even got pretty creative.

I loved how the oldest kids helped the younger ones when they needed help.  Of course I was there to help if needed, but it was so nice to have some extra help and it’s good for them too.

 I decided that the work to be Lucy would be lost on kids who have no idea who she is, so I was Hawaiian girl for the kid party.  I went and got a haircut right after the party so I didn’t want to have all that Lucy makeup on either. I wore this last for Halloween when Elizabeth was a baby.  Yea for fitting into old clothes!

 The cookie decorating with some parental help.

 I had some foam pumpkins left over from last year’s party, so we used them up making jack-o-lanterns.

 Elizabeth decorated our family room with streamers and blew up balloons and then came up with a game for the biggest kids to use both.

 Olivia asked me a few weeks ago if we were going to do the yarn spiderweb game.  Easy and inexpensive, yes.  The kids love this game.

 A shot of all the kids Vincent’s age. The princess by the washing machine on the right won for best costume.  The little boy in the back split the suckers from the guessing game with someone else.

 Olivia’s age kids (minus Catwoman). The Jedi in front won for best costume in this group.

 Elizabeth’s group.  Best costume in this set of kids was the cheerleader (who really WAS very peppy and helpful!)

 After the party, the Quarterback disappeared up our tree.  He was much higher and his dad walked up to the house and we knew that his son was in the front yard, but we couldn’t find him.  Can you?

After the party, I hurried to a haircut place and got a cut since I cut my bangs so I could be Lucy.  After Lucy I just looked like I had a mullet or something.  All fixed again.  Then I did some good couponing at Safeway and Walmart.
Andy went off to a Stake Leadership Meeting before our Adult session of Stake Conference tonight.
Meanwhile the blocks were well used by our kids.  They built Polly Pocket apartments.
Here’s Elizabeth’s.

 And Olivia’s (with a fresh face again.)

Kids are going to Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George’s while Andy and I go to our meeting tonight and Sunday morning at Stake Conference a new Stake will be created out of Richland and Kennewick and two new Stake Presidents will be called.  What a busy, fun weekend.  Time to go feed some kids…

One response to “Kid’s Halloween Party 2012

  1. Mary says:

    What? No picture of the new Hairdo? The things you do for your kids, I remember the days. I see grandma Shirley making some Giant Jengas in the future.

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